Leo Monthly Money Horoscope

October 2020

While you have had to wait longer for Venus, the planet of money to return to your income sector and for what can be the most potentially lucrative weeks of any year, this month will prove that it has been worth the wait. Held back by a retrograde phase earlier in the year, Venus wasn't here when the Sun and Mercury moved through and was not part of the annual update that takes place in August and September each year. By the time Venus finally returns to your income sector on 3rd October, the Sun has been gone for 10 days and Mercury for two weeks, putting her return right in the Goldilocks zone.The Sun and Mercury have put in the hard work and after 10 days things have had a chance to settle but not go off the boil, so Venus' return is not too late. It is not too early either, creating enough of a firebreak that there isn't a danger of overthinking things while still having the smart head for money and objectivity to back up the laws of attraction that Venus employs to get what she wants. Venus is in your income sector from 3rd October to 28th October and the timing couldn't be better. These will always be the most potentially lucrative weeks of any year but it comes just as the tide is turning on the job front.Jupiter and Saturn are both in their first full month in direct motion in your work sector and as they will both leave in December they are not only ready to move things forward on the job front but to bring things home. Pluto, the last remaining planet in retrograde motion in your work sector will turn direct on 5th October, just two days after Venus' return to your income sector. Venus might be late to return to your income sector this year, her latest arrival since 2015 but she has timed it to perfection. The Moon will join Venus from 13th October to 15th October, creating some especially lucrative conditions.

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More about your Leo monthly money horoscope and finances

Leo is the sign of gold, and your Leo monthly money horoscope shows you regard money as essential. You couldn’t live your best life without it. You love to shop, and if something is expensive, you like it more than if it’s cheap. It feels normal for you to value material items. You like jewels, gold chains, fancy clothing, and elaborate furnishings.

Because you spend so freely, you need to have plenty of money. Your first choice would be independent wealth, but that doesn’t make you unique. Most people work for a living, and you know this, but early on you decide that it’s foolish to toil for little when you can work for a lot. If you haven’t found that lucrative job yet, you rely on your Leo monthly money horoscope to point you toward it.

Chart the ups and downs of your finances in your Leo monthly money horoscope

Yes, if you see that you’re in a difficult fiscal period, you know you should conserve your funds. The problem is that you don’t want to do that. If you see something you love, you must have it. This could lead you into credit card debt if you’re careless.

You know being a bit more conservative makes sense, but you have endless confidence. You believe in yourself and feel that soon enough the big money will flow toward you. It feels inevitable. Perhaps you’re right. A positive outlook generates good outcomes.

You rely on financial tips from your Leo monthly money horoscope

Once you have more than enough money, you come into your own. You love the idea of investing, for it means that your money earns more while you focus on fun. If you read that you’re in a growth period, you seek ways to make the most of it.

Often, you’re too generous with other people. You readily pick up the check. Your horoscope might counsel that financial entanglements with friends can ruin the relationship. This gives you the courage to stand back and pay only your own fair share