Gemini Monthly Money Horoscope

December 2023

Because the Sun will always spend the last 10 days and the first three weeks of every year in your financial sector, the solar spotlight will always be on your financial situation and money matters by Christmas and when you move into the New Year. However, apart from when he retrograded back out for less than three months last year Pluto, the planet of change and revolution has been in your financial sector since 2008, creating continuous planetary activity but in a slow and behind the scenes way. Pluto will always become more active when the Sun and the faster planets return but with one massive difference this year. After nearly 16 years Pluto is getting ready to leave in January and while he did leave earlier in the year, he was back less than two months later. This time, while Pluto will retrograde back for 11 weeks in 2024, it won't be until later in the year and after that, he won't be back again in our lifetime. This is the last time that the Sun will join Pluto here and after nearly 16 years of looking at ways to change things up, there will be a sense that it is now or never. However, December is very much a month of preparation for it is early next month that Mars will return and when the planet of war and revolution team up, this is when things will really start to move. Until then, Mercury's return on 2nd December is a chance to use his smart head for money to get your head in the game and around your options. However, from the start, it will be clear that there is no hurry, for Mercury will already have the brakes on ahead of a retrograde turn on 13th December that will see him retrograde back out again 10 days later, a day after the Sun returns on 22nd December. It is just after Mercury turns retrograde that the Moon will move through from 14th December to 16th December. Meanwhile, it is in the lead up to the New Year and during the Sun's first full week here that the Moon will not only return to your income sector on 27th December but as a Full Moon, giving the income side of the financial fence one last boost for the year.

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More about your Gemini monthly money horoscope and finances

You value freedom more than money, and you’d rather be interested in your job than well paid. Thus, you rarely agree to sell out for long.

That said, you recognize the irony that money can buy freedom. With enough in the bank, you can take time off to pursue your interests. When there’s too little money, you must take work you might rather decline. To you, this is one of life’s massive frustrations. Naturally you want the inside scoop on your financial outlook. That’s why you seek insight from your horoscope.

Learn about cash flow from your Gemini monthly money horoscope

Easy come, easy go is your motto. You love fun, and so you don’t mind paying for pleasure. But how do you manage the funds you have? If you’ve excelled at a typical Gemini career and are now a best-selling author or in-demand public speaker, there’s no problem. You work when you want and have tons of capital.

Even if you’re wealthy, you must manage your funds. A dry period can last for a while, so if your Gemini monthly money horoscope indicates a financial slow down, you wisely substitute expensive pleasures for more moderate ones. When money flows well, treat yourself to that pricey vacation.

Learn to exploit financial opportunities from your Gemini monthly money horoscope

You always focus on freedom and fun, but financial security is also important, particularly when you’re just starting out. Work to make the most of financial opportunities, because they do ebb and flow. A fabulous money period could indicate a new job, so plan ahead.

You’re an asset at work, so use positive money periods as your chance to request a raise. These are the times when money flows, and you want it flowing right into your own bank account.