Cancer Monthly Money Horoscope

November 2023

While there is no planetary activity in either of your two money houses this month, this is not only what you need but the Moon's monthly visits will be more than enough. This is the first time this year that there is no planetary activity in either of your two money houses and as five months of planetary activity in your income sector only ran its course last month, this is a chance to step back and let things play out. At the same time, with so much focus on the income side of the financial fence, this is creating a more level playing field when it comes to your financial situation and money matters. There is no planetary activity on the income or financial fronts, but for each there is a bigger picture. On the income front as Venus, the planet of money only just wrapped up her longest visit to your income sector in our lifetime last month you haven't even begun to exploit the income potential this has created. The Moon will make its first visit since Venus and Juno left from 4th November to 7th November and as always, this is something that every four weeks can sharpen your nose for money and act as a trigger. If Venus has left a parting gift, this is when you are likely to find it. It is just three days after the Moon leaves that Mercury will return to your work sector on 10th November to begin the first planetary activity on the job front for the year, followed by the Sun on 23rd November, Mars on 24th November and Ceres on 25th November. This is when you could really start to exploit the untapped income potential that has been slowly building over the last five months. Meanwhile, while there is no planetary activity in your financial sector, with Pluto in direct motion and on his way back, this is a chance to start looking to the New Year. It is the Moon's return from 19th November to 21st November that will sharpen your financial instincts while giving you a chance to check in on money matters.

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More about your Cancer monthly money horoscope and finances

You must have enough money to feel secure, and that’s why you work so hard. You constantly envision your future and the success you intend to build. To you every period of time is the building block for the next one, and each leads to increased success.

You have expenses, and often you help family members who either are less well off or less motivated. Being a natural caregiver can be expensive, but you don’t mind. You like taking care of people you love, and that takes money. Thus, you need all the help you can get in charting your meteoric rise to wealth and success.

Your Cancer monthly money horoscope reveals financial ups and downs

You absolutely believe in saving for a rainy day, so you rarely blow through every cent you have. If hard times come, you rely on those savings to keep you secure. When your horoscope predicts a downturn, you are ready.

Flush periods are absolutely the best. You come into your own when you’re moving forward financially. You worry less and are more generous, not just with loved ones but with yourself. That special item you’ve wanted but put off buying can be your own now, as long as your Cancer monthly money horoscope assures you that more money is coming.

Manage your finances effectively with tips from your Cancer monthly money horoscope

You like to keep track of your fiscal situation so that you can pay for big ticket items when necessary as well as the usual recurring expenses. A long-term approach suits you. If you know there are months when your income typically increases, you schedule your payments accordingly.

You might need a new computer or kitchen appliance, but you don’t run out and buy it willy-nilly. You consider first when your finances are in the best shape. Then you think about when you can get the best deal. If those things don’t match, you might opt to wait a year so you can save until the next big sale comes. You’re smart that way.