Aries Monthly Money Horoscope

June 2024

It was towards the end of last month that within the space of just five days the Sun, Venus and Jupiter all one by one left your income sector. This took the solar spotlight off your income situation and matters, saw Venus end what she was working to make some of the most lucrative weeks of any year and Jupiter ended his 12 month quest for income growth and expansion. Yet while this has seen things dial back this is far from the end of the story and instead, the most lucrative months of the year are still in front of you. However, where you are as you move into the new month is in a state of transition, with one chapter drawing to a close but the next yet to begin. Helping with that transition is Mercury, who until leaving your income sector on 3rd June is giving you the smart head for money needed to stay focused, with your head in the game and your feet on the ground. Mercury was here when the Sun, Venus and Jupiter left and has stayed on to tie up loose ends. However, even then this was not going to leave your income sector empty with Uranus, here from 2019 to 2026 able to keep the momentum going, but in a low key and a long term way. It is during that interim period and the start of the next chapter that the Moon will move through from 3rd June to 5th June, something that every four weeks can sharpen your nose for money and act as a trigger. While Uranus is on his own by then and things will have dialled right back, the Moon's intuitive edge will be telling you that this is only a temporary pause. It is four days after the Moon leaves and with your nose for money still sharp that Mars will return for his first visit in two years. Returning so soon after Jupiter has moved through, until leaving on 21st July the warrior planet of the cosmos will be on a mission to exploit the income potential this has created. Meanwhile, with no planetary activity on the other side of the financial fence, the Moon's return to your financial sector from 17th June to 20th June will be a valuable chance to check in on money matters.

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More about your Aries monthly money horoscope and finances

Your Aries view is that money is a tool to be used to get you what you want. By itself it has little meaning, and that’s why you have an easy-come, easy-go attitude about cash. You love spending money on pleasure. But you must also have it for necessary expenses.

Your Aries monthly money horoscope helps you develop accurate financial expectations. If you’re a freelancer, this is particularly useful, for not all months provide the same income. Even if you work a steady job, unexpected expenses arise, and your monthly money horoscope can point to financial surprises you must confront.

Plot a path toward financial growth with your Aries monthly money horoscope

Success requires long-term efforts, but each month provides a single building block toward your goals. You don’t naturally gravitate toward a long-term view, for you live in the moment. By looking at your finances a month at a time, you gain a greater sense of fiscal insight.

Consider holding off on that big purchase if money looks problematic this month. Focus instead on ways to manage the money you have, and to better manage any debt without adding more.

Positive financial periods show up in your Aries monthly money horoscope

During a financial upswing, you have more freedom. This is the time to buy that big-ticket item. If you must replace equipment, do so when you have a little extra money. You can also treat yourself to more of those good times you love—without risking your security.

The best thing about consulting your Aries monthly money horoscope is you gain the financial freedom you love without worry. You’re forewarned and thus forearmed. You can make good financial choices without feeling burdened by the responsibilities of managing money. You control your life and your pocketbook.