Aquarius Monthly Money Horoscope

November 2022

The dynamics of this financial year have flipped on its heels, with a complete reversal of where things stood just a month ago. As you moved into October the dominant side of the financial fence was your financial sector, where the focus is more on what you do with and how you manage the money you have. A month ago, while the Sun had just left your financial sector Mercury and Venus were still here and the dwarf planet Ceres was yet to return for her first visit in four years. In contrast, with Neptune and the asteroid Juno on their own and in retrograde motion in your income sector, the income side of the financial fence had gone into hibernation. Fast forward a month and the only planet left in your financial sector is the dwarf planet Ceres, who is focused less on the money and more on reviewing and updating your financial needs and priorities before leaving next month. At the same time, there have been massive changes on the income side of the financial fence, with Jupiter having retrograded back in for a rare double dip visit at the end of last month. Jupiter had left in May, something that would normally not see the planet of luck and expansion back for another decade at least. Instead, Jupiter has returned to tie up loose ends, harvest untapped income potential and reap what has already been sown. While Neptune will remain in retrograde motion until early next month, this has brought the planets of luck and dreams together again in your income sector, for the last time in our lifetime. With Jupiter turning direct on 24th November and Neptune early next month, they are first revisiting old dreams before turning the tide. Jupiter will be gone before Christmas but with Neptune in direct motion by then, there is a lot that the planets of luck and dreams can accomplish in the seven weeks and five days that they are back together again. This makes the Moon's visits from 3rd November to 5th November and again from 30th November pivotal points in the month.

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More about your Aquarius monthly money horoscope and finances

Money greases the cogs of the universe, and although you know this, to you it’s a mere instrument. You can get more of the material things you need with money, certainly, but having a lot of it doesn’t define you.

Your values are not material, and although you love pricey gadgets, you don’t care about money. That’s not to say you don’t appreciate having it, for you do. It’s convenient to be able to afford what you want, and your Aquarius monthly money horoscope helps you gain a sense of financial grounding. That way you respect money more.

You look to your Aquarius monthly money horoscope for financial advice. You tend not to worry excessively, and you rarely concern yourself with matters of security. The world is in crisis, and that’s more at the level of your anxiety. But when you consider your own fiscal situation, you become more practical.

Yes you feel entitled to buy what you like, so that may account for those extra computers and cell phones in your closet. The question is have you squandered resources better used elsewhere. If so, reconsider.

Balance your budget with your Aquarius monthly money horoscope

If your job is going well and the money is flowing, there’s no problem, so you simply pay your bills. But during difficult times, hard decisions are necessary. Where can you cut back? A financial downturn can be quite instructive, for you learn what you can do without.

As you consider the ebb and flow of your financial situation, you learn about the best uses for your money. Perhaps you can cut back here and there and devote some extra funds to that charity you endorse. Or you could help friends who’ve helped you. By being practical, you’re more in charge, and you like that.