Pisces Monthly Love Horoscope

December 2023

From the 4th to the 29th, love forming or flourishing relies on bolder, adventurous, mind-broadening steps taken. Single? Someone you meet from a different country or culture could capture your imagination - and heart. Attached? Passionate progress is brought to you by the word 'exotic' - whether that means a holiday in the sun or trying out new cuisines! A Full Moon on the 26th could heighten emotions - but that's what a new love life chapter might need.

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More about your Pisces monthly love horoscope and romance

You are romantic through and through. It’s fun to watch romantic movies or to read love stories, and you easily envision yourself starring in one. Love is like the sweet treat of your life.

You are an endearing and kind person, and many people love you, whether romantically or not. You seldom say a mean word, are always congenial and supportive, so you attract fans. Once you find a lover, it’s easy to maintain mutual devotion. Your Pisces monthly love horoscope gives you clues about how other people feel.

Chart the romantic mood in your Pisces monthly love horoscope

During a very romantic period, you make the most of it. This is the time to schedule those special dinners in which you can gaze into a lover’s eyes and share sweet sighs. The conversation doesn’t matter that much, for all the energy is below the surface.

If you’re in a difficult period, you might attempt a heart to heart talk. Sharing disappointments and wishes helps you both clear the air enough to focus on a better approach to your romance. Then you can find your way back into each other’s arms.

Seek new love with help from your Pisces monthly love horoscope

You never really have to seek love, for in your world things just happen. Life comes along and shoves what you need right into your path. But, if you want to be more proactive, go ahead and post that online profile when universal forces are on your side.

You don’t mind the dating process as much as most people, because you also like the circus. Dating can be insane, but it can also be interesting, and you do meet some strange creatures. Eventually you connect with a great mate, and then your love story begins. It’s always a thrill.