Capricorn Monthly Love Horoscope

November 2023

Until early December, love planet Venus affects your ambitions, strength and status. So, you could set a new trajectory with what your heart and libido yearn to experience. Something romantic or intimate that seemed to require too much effort could now appear manageable - and inspiring! From the 24th until January, your dreams, fantasies and secrets become more potent.

But pay attention to each - they offer valuable insights to help you make passionate progress!.

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More about your Capricorn monthly love horoscope and romance

You definitely believe in marriage, and you enjoy being in love, but the romance part of the situation sort of baffles you. It’s too much work, isn’t it? And it wastes so much time. And then after all those dates, you could discover, well oops, this is in no way the person for you. Or the date complains that you don’t make the relationship important enough. As the song goes, love is a battlefield.

Early in your life, you recognize the value of hiring a matchmaker. Maybe you even do that. Now with online dating, it seems easier, for you can pre-interview candidates online without wasting so much time. And your Capricorn monthly love horoscope gives you clues about the best time to seek love.

Automate the search for love with your Capricorn monthly love horoscope

You happily accept all help you can get, so if your horoscope predicts an excellent period for romance, you decide to focus on finding that perfect partner now, while the universal forces are on your side.

You tackle the situation with a practical approach, for that is your nature. It’s not enough to post a profile and answer ads. You reach out to friends and ask to be fixed up—even though you restrict a first meeting to a telephone conversation. Not wasting time is always an ultimate priority.

Your Capricorn monthly love horoscope helps you maintain a relationship

With the right partner, you can have a happy marriage that endures half a century or more. You come home nightly, are always faithful, and you don’t flirt with other people. This may be more out of a preference for work than devotion, but it still looks good on your emotional resume.

During romantic periods, it’s smart to give more of yourself to a relationship. Take your spouse out on a date, just because. Focus on each other in bed—not on a pile of work papers. Listen to each other. It may be only small moments in a sea of other obligations, but those acts sweeten your lives and give you emotional sustenance.