Aquarius Monthly Love Horoscope

February 2024

Get ready for a New Moon ego boost on the 9th! Project your awesome self out there, and you might snag a love connection or level up an existing one. However, be careful from the 13th to March 22. Mars turns you into a love superhero, but remember that confidence is sexy; aggression is not.

Then, Venus, the love VIP, enters your sign on the 16th. With your allure off the scale, you're the zodiac's hottest commodity – cue the cosmic paparazzi!.

Daily  –  Weekly

More about your Aquarius monthly love horoscope and romance

You don’t always define love as romantic, but rather more as friendship and compatibility. If married, you seek a spouse who is your best friend, someone who understands you and shares your ideas.

You know that chemistry is a factor, but you wisely realize that intellectual compatibility lasts far longer than raging passion. Your Aquarius monthly love horoscope indicates romantic diversity. As you consider all the factors that generate a romantic connection, you learn about yourself and the choices you make.

Seek new love with help from your Aquarius monthly love horoscope

If you’re single and hoping to find your true love, apply some creativity. You never know where you might connect, and by being friendly, you meet more people. This is one of your great skills, so all you need do is translate a friendly opener into romance.

Online dating was made for you, because you love computers and are always connected. You like the idea of reading through profiles, for you gain a good sense of a potential partner. It’s also fun to have online chats, because that way you know a person before you actually meet.

Use tips in your Aquarius monthly love horoscope to be more romantic. Wooing and winning can sometimes feel like clutching and screaming. You don’t see yourself as the romantic comedy type of lover. Even though you’re quirky and fun, you’re also serious. So, you don’t stand outside a sweetheart’s window and serenade.

But maybe you should! Once you get into a creative outlook, you can find amusing ways to make yourself so adorable that nobody can resist you. Anyone can pop a bottle of champagne, but your unique outlook can be far more engaging. And even if this isn’t your forever love, it’s good practice for when the right one comes along.