Taurus Monthly Career Horoscope

November 2022

On both the job and career fronts there is a chance to pause as you move into the new month but also to look to the future with confidence. It was on 30th October, just 48 hours before moving into the new month that Mercury not only left your work sector but wrapped up all planetary activity on the job front. What had begun with Mercury's return in August ended with this smart and intellectually savvy planet still at the helm, something that is quite a feat for a planet that will normally only spend 14 to 15 days here. Instead, a retrograde phase not only kept Mercury here for months rather than weeks, it saw him retrograde back out and return for a do over. In that time the Sun and Venus moved through, creating the most active months of the year on the job front. While the dwarf planet Ceres will return next month, she will be less focused on reinventing the wheel and more on your first deep dive into your needs and priorities on the job front in four years, with the focus more on job satisfaction and a sense of purpose. Instead, the professional gods have shifted their focus onto the career front. It was on 23rd October, seven days before Mercury left your work sector that Saturn turned direct in your career sector, ending his last retrograde phase here for another three decades. While still at a standstill as you move into the new month, Saturn is ready to take over from here and over the course of the month will slowly pick up speed. While Saturn will leave in March it is when the Sun, Mercury and Venus return in the New Year that the push to bring things home will begin. Until then, there is a chance to look to the future with confidence on the career front, enjoying the momentum gained on the job front without having to reinvent the wheel while at the same time making the most of Mars' first full month in retrograde motion in your income sector.

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More about your Taurus monthly career horoscope and prospects

As a seriously stable person, you begin thinking about your career early in life. You want to build a long-lasting career, one that satisfies over time. Unlike most people, you may have only one job—your first. You build on and advance in that job—over your entire life.

With insights from your Taurus monthly career horoscope, you gain a better grasp on the ups and downs in your professional life. You like knowing whether the energy is positive or problematic. Then you employ your considerable people skills to make yourself essential to your superiors. You also gain peace of mind, for you appreciate knowing what lies ahead.

Seek timing advice from your Taurus monthly career horoscope

Obviously, stability has its perks. You enjoy a sense of security that newcomers to your firm do not. But stability isn’t enough. You require upward movement! That may mean speaking up and pleading your case to the boss who can advance you. Your horoscope reveals when to broach that subject.

Pet projects gain momentum during positive career months. You learn when those periods occur from your monthly career horoscope. This is particularly useful if you have a side job, are self-employed, or are simply trying to have your ideas heard.

Take advantage of positive energy predicted by your Taurus monthly career horoscope

There’s no question that with your love of stability, you’d prefer not to seek a new job, particularly if you already have a job. But should you decide that it’s time to make that move, do so during an upswing in energy.

Your goal is always to feel safe and to know that your income is steady. The key to fulfilling that goal is to maximize on the good periods predicted in your horoscope and to block any problematic energy periods with good choices and good sense.