Scorpio Monthly Career Horoscope

November 2022

On both the job and career fronts there is a chance to ease back on the accelerator this month, though not for as long as you might think. It was only at the end of September that the last planet left your career sector, later in the year than is normally the case but leaving you with a sense of professional direction and also a better sense of your professional needs and priorities. It was on the job front that things have remained unusually active, due to Jupiter's return to your work sector in May, for the first time since 2011. This came at a point in the year when things are normally dialling back on the job front, breathing new life into work and job matters and into this professional year. Normally Jupiter will spend 12 months in an area of your chart though at some point will spend around four months in retrograde motion. This will dissect his stay into three parts, with the first part designed to gain as much early momentum as possible, the second part a chance to review and revise and then once turning direct again, beginning a push to bring things home. The difference this time is that Jupiter turned direct at the end of July, just over two months after returning. This has had big consequences, for it happened so early into his stay that it saw him retrograde back out at the end of last month. Jupiter will complete his retrograde phase back in a playful and creative part of your chart, with his direct turn on 24th November seeing the planet of luck and expansion do a U turn and start making his way back to your work sector. However, Jupiter won't return until just before Christmas, with the main thrust to bring things home running from then through to May 2023. This gives you a chance this month to pause but with Venus, the planet of money returning to your income sector on 16th November to begin the first planetary activity on the income side of the financial fence since Mars left in January, to kick off what can be the most lucrative weeks of any year. This time, with a chance to benefit from the months that Jupiter has spent in your work sector.

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More about your Scorpio monthly career horoscope and prospects

Because of your Scorpio determination, you stick with a goal until you achieve it. You can succeed at anything you attempt, because you keep at it until you do. This makes you an in-demand employee, for you give your all to a job, even if the company isn’t your own.

If you work for yourself, your Scorpio monthly career horoscope helps you move forward. You note the flow of energy and exploit it. Whether you’re in a positive career period or a challenging one, you benefit from universal forces.

Approach goals logically with your Scorpio monthly career horoscope

Each aspect of life has many dimensions, as you know only too well. You set meetings and discuss your career trajectory when communication is in focus. Now you work to gain allies and to receive positive feedback from colleagues.

During practical periods, you consider the nuts and bolts of any project. Are you in order, or should you revise some details or decisions? Timing is essential, but even when the time is right, if your project isn’t ready, it won’t succeed. Your savvy helps you stem a desire for instant gratification. You want to succeed, even if you must wait and work harder.

Your Scorpio monthly career horoscope helps you manage people

Your ability to peer into the mind, heart, and soul of everyone around you is legendary. You know what other people are thinking and feeling. So, if someone behaves badly, you understand why. That doesn’t mean you coddle someone who is annoying you, although perhaps you should.

Your natural inclination is to hit a disagreeable person with a zinger designed to crush their soul. This feels good, but sadly does not result in increased positive interactions, but rather in resentment. Because you excel at manipulation, be wise. Ignore obnoxious remarks, and reroute the conversation to a gentler exchange. You’ll be glad you did.