Libra Monthly Career Horoscope

January 2022

Compared to just a month earlier, moving into January is a whole new experience that has nothing to do with the New Year and everything to do with developments in the final days of 2021. Apart from a few months out of each year and usually around the time the Sun and the faster planets move through in February and March, Neptune spends the majority of the year on his own in your work sector. That has been the case since his return in 2012, where as the planet of dreams he has helped to both create and keep the dream alive. However, everything changed when Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion returned on 29th December. This is something that is still very new and you are still adjusting to as you move into this new professional year. Especially as this is the first time in our lifetime that you have begun the year with the planets of luck and dreams in your work sector. It will take months until the full possibilities are revealed, with things not really taking off until Venus and Mars return in April. This gives you time to both adjust and work with what will be mounting momentum. However, three events will give this new professional year a boost and a taste of things to come. The first is the Moon's return to your work sector from 6th January to 8th January, something that will give you an intuitive read on work and job matters and of Jupiter and Neptune's influence. The second event is the Moon's return to your career sector from 16th January to 18th January, something that will not only fuel your professional instincts and imagination and form a friendly aspect to Neptune and Jupiter but will create the first Full Moon of 2022. The third is the South Node's return to your income sector on 19th January, giving you better access to untapped income potential for the next 18 months.

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More about your Libra monthly career horoscope and prospects

With a Libra monthly career horoscope, success matters less to you than having a rewarding social life. Thus, you need a job with a strong social component, for you require human interaction on an almost constant basis.

Like all the Air signs, you communicate, and the sharing of ideas and pleasant conversation makes each day worthwhile. You are both charming and assertive, which is a winning combination. You approach goals logically to make the most of every opportunity. And then you move forward dynamically—but with a smile.

Your Libra monthly career horoscope reveals the best times for success

You employ your strong people skills strategically, so you do very well when networking. You’re a strong leader, and you give commands in a way that other people want to follow you.

You consult your Libra monthly career horoscope to chart what sort of social interactions to schedule. You’re adept in a sales career, for clients buy from you because of your natural charm. If you have a project which needs approval, your personality inspires those in charge to give you a resounding yes.

Use your people skills to exploit positives in your Libra monthly career horoscope

You forge strong relationships with colleagues, and it feels natural for you to include them in your personal social life. You dine together, have cocktails, and attend parties. This merger of work and personal feels quite normal to you, for you like to live in a friendly atmosphere in which everyone cooperates. During social periods, you advance in your career.

When a crass individual annoys you, you generally overcome a bad mood with your own courtly manners and charm. Ultimately, they feel ashamed about their bad conduct and say yes to whatever you want. It’s called killing them with kindness and it’s your secret weapon.