Libra Monthly Career Horoscope

February 2021

To begin with, it is business as usual on the job front, apart from a sense of anticipation and of change in the air. The month may even begin with the brakes on, as the Moon not only begins the month in a nostalgic and reflective part of your chart but clashed with both planets in your work sector. This is the same clash that happens every four weeks and is a chance to put how well you know when to keep your work hat on and when to take it off to the test. The Moon will be gone by 2nd February but it is important to pay attention and not just because this is a reminder from the get go to work smarter and to pace yourself.When the Moon comes full circle it will return as a Full Moon on 27th February and the reminders will be a lot harder to ignore. Life is also set to become a lot busier by then, with what has been until now business as usual set to change. Business as usual means that dreamy Neptune, in your work sector since 2012 working with the dwarf planet Ceres, who since last April has been helping you to define your needs and priorities on the job front. Especially when it comes to job satisfaction and a sense of purpose. Until now this has been more academic and has been going for so long that it has been your normal.That will change with the Sun's return on 18th February, turning the solar spotlight onto your work situation, job matters and options at this time every year. The difference is that you haven't had Ceres just spend 10 months helping you to update your needs and priorities on the job front, something she will normally only spend three months on every four years. Ceres has been preparing for something big and not just the Sun's return on 18th February or Venus' return on 26th February. However, with her job done Ceres will leave on 21st February. There will still be a sense that you are waiting for something with Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion less than three months away from his first visit in 12 years by then.

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More about your Libra monthly career horoscope and prospects

With a Libra monthly career horoscope, success matters less to you than having a rewarding social life. Thus, you need a job with a strong social component, for you require human interaction on an almost constant basis.

Like all the Air signs, you communicate, and the sharing of ideas and pleasant conversation makes each day worthwhile. You are both charming and assertive, which is a winning combination. You approach goals logically to make the most of every opportunity. And then you move forward dynamically—but with a smile.

Your Libra monthly career horoscope reveals the best times for success

You employ your strong people skills strategically, so you do very well when networking. You’re a strong leader, and you give commands in a way that other people want to follow you.

You consult your Libra monthly career horoscope to chart what sort of social interactions to schedule. You’re adept in a sales career, for clients buy from you because of your natural charm. If you have a project which needs approval, your personality inspires those in charge to give you a resounding yes.

Use your people skills to exploit positives in your Libra monthly career horoscope

You forge strong relationships with colleagues, and it feels natural for you to include them in your personal social life. You dine together, have cocktails, and attend parties. This merger of work and personal feels quite normal to you, for you like to live in a friendly atmosphere in which everyone cooperates. During social periods, you advance in your career.

When a crass individual annoys you, you generally overcome a bad mood with your own courtly manners and charm. Ultimately, they feel ashamed about their bad conduct and say yes to whatever you want. It’s called killing them with kindness and it’s your secret weapon.