Capricorn Monthly Career Horoscope

November 2023

When the Sun, Mercury and Mars left your career sector last month this ended all planetary activity on the career front, but this was not the end of the story. Instead, this was the start of a 15 day pause that is both acting as a firebreak before the next and final stage of this professional year begins and a chance to let things until now play out. The month begins with your two professional houses empty but on both the job and career fronts this is one time when you can't judge a book by its cover. The first week is likely to be fairly quiet, but after months of planetary activity on the career front this is not just a chance to let things play out but for you to step back. The change comes on when on 8th November, held back by a retrograde phase Venus will finally return to your career sector. As the last planet to arrive and the last to leave, it is Venus who will not only bring this professional year home but will exploit the heavy lifting that the planets that have already moved through have contributed while exploiting the potential that this has created. Venus here for the rest of the month and until leaving in early December, will be doing her best to fuel your professional confidence, attract opportunities and steer things in a lucrative direction. This will get off to a good start thanks to the Moon's return from 9th November to 12th November. Returning to your career sector during Venus' first full day here, this will ensure your professional instincts are sharp and you are emotionally and intuitively engaged from the start. However, this is not the only surprise that the professional gods have up their sleeve, with the potential for some surprise or unexpected developments on the job front when the Moon not only moves through your work sector from 27th November to 29th November but as a Full Moon. A friendly aspect to Venus as the Moon moves through could see this act as a trigger for both job and career matters.

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More about your Capricorn monthly career horoscope and prospects

Your career is usually your number one priority. Even from a young age, you imagine your future successes, and you turn that vision into reality as soon as possible. Yes, you love your spouse and family, but they must learn that work comes first, and they must wait.

You never resent the time you spend working. In fact, sometimes you’ll stretch out a project, because you enjoy the process. Ultimately your yardstick is success. You rely on your Capricorn monthly career horoscope to indicate trajectories for what you want to accomplish.

Your Capricorn monthly career horoscope points you toward success

What is the best approach to any goal? You believe in being methodical. It’s the same as mapping any journey—you want the most efficient route that is also most cost effective. It’s not just about what you achieve in a short time period, but how each step builds upon the last—leading you toward the complete success you desire.

You’re savvy enough to know that frustrations eventually might plague you, but you refuse to allow them to defeat you. It’s always about winning. You dispassionately look at any problem and brainstorm for a solution. Then you move forward again.

Look for career opportunities in your Capricorn monthly career horoscope

You have a sense early on of your particular skill set, and you do know what interests you, but you don’t cling to a career choice. If you discover that a new avenue can be your ticket to success and wealth, you gladly change careers. You want to do what works.

Although you enjoy satisfaction in your daily work routine, you care more for the end result. You want to know that you’ve made it. And it’s not even about the respect and admiration that comes from other people, although that’s nice. To you, it’s about your own recognition that you’ve succeeded and can live the way you were meant to live.