Cancer Monthly Career Horoscope

July 2024

With no planetary activity in your work sector and both planets in your career sector in retrograde motion by the end of the month, it could be said that this professional year is slowing down but at the right time. On the one hand, it was only last month that Mars left your career sector, ending what had been a particularly busy start to the year. As well as Mars making his first visit in two years just after the Sun, Venus and Mercury had moved through, he had begun the year in your work sector. Normally planetary activity on the job front will end in the lead up to Christmas, but this year it not only spilled into the New Year but right through to February. There has been so much momentum in the first half of this professional year that if the professional gods hadn't taken their foot off the gas things would not only overshoot the mark, but you would burn out in the process. Growth happens in waves, where there is a time to push things forward and a time to pull back and let things play out, before repeating the cycle. You have had the push but no time to let things play out, which is what you finally have a chance to do. Eris, the warrior planet of the cosmos and the planet keeping Mars' warrior and competitive spirit alive won't turn retrograde until 22nd July and Chiron, the planet charged with helping you learn as you go, won't turn retrograde until 27th July. Instead of suddenly braking, it is more a case that the professional gods have taken their feet off the gas and the pace is gradually dropping back. The Moon will return for its monthly visit to your career sector from 26th July to 28th July, just as the tide is turning. However, by the time the Moon returns to your work sector from 17th July to 19th July, something that every four weeks will bring a chance to check in on work and job matters, Mercury and Venus will be in your income sector. Mercury's return on 3rd July and Venus' on 12th July not only kicks off the most lucrative months of the year but with a chance to piggyback off the professional momentum already gained.

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More about your Cancer monthly career horoscope and prospects

Despite your cuddly manner, you’re fiercely assertive where your career is concerned. For you success isn’t mainly about status or even wealth but rather about security, which is your primary concern. A solid career means a safe life.

You need to feel that you are safe, and even more importantly, that your family is safe. You provide an unwavering foundation of security for your loved ones, and you always will. The information in your Cancer monthly career horoscope helps you make choices about how to advance your professional standing. Knowing what to expect helps you feel secure.

Make dynamic choices based on your Cancer monthly career horoscope

You work hard to develop and maintain an upwards career trajectory. You’re always on the go, seeking greater and greater success. With guidance from your horoscope, you plot your course more efficiently. When good energy arrives, you pounce.

Your intuition is strong, and you use that too. You need to feel that you’re on the right track so that you can make the strides you seek. Even if you work at a steady job, you like having side projects as well. You can run a side business from your home, and be happy with your family all around you.

Your Cancer monthly career horoscope can warn you about hard times

You know that sometimes life takes a downturn, and if you’re about to hit a difficult career period, you want to plan. There are things you can do to compensate for a slowdown, and you intend to take those steps.

You go the extra mile to make yourself indispensable at work. You don’t sit and wait for projects—you create your own. When superiors see that you’re a self-starter, they admire you. That leads to promotions and the security building success you seek.