President Trump’s Truth Revealed

President Trump’s Truth is revealed by his Leo Rising sign (sometimes known as or ascendant). This is the sign of the Zodiac that was rising over the horizon at his time of his birth.

With Leo, it is the Sun that rules the sign. It reveals the way in which President Trump approaches life and the world in general.

It also relates to the ‘persona’, the mask we place between our inner selves and the world. As such, it shows the way in which others perceive Donald trump, at least their first impressions of him.

His Leo ascendant represents the way he must express him-self to feel secure. Also, it’s the filter through which he perceives life and its challenges.

It’s Donald’s personal identity and self-expression. Additionally, it represents the kind of energy and types of activities that enliven him physically.

President Trump’s Truth is he craves recognition

With Leo rising at Donald Trump’s time of birth, he aims to make an impression on everyone he meets. He has a need to be recognised as a creative and self-motivated person. Also, a need to develop a sense of his own power and worth.

He needs to be active in creative or self-expressive pursuits to feel enlivened. His pride may often prevent him from admitting his mistakes to anyone but him-self.

Also, his pride prevents him from changing his course of action even when it becomes plain that he is on the wrong track. He does not like to be proved wrong. He is warm and generous, not slow to give to those who need his help.

However, there may be a tendency to expect something in return. He is happier and more content with him-self when he learns to give without expecting to receive.

President Trump’s Truth is he inspires others

– Ascendant Conjunct Mars – Trump's Ascendant Conjunct Mars 3/5 Stars

He has a great deal of physical and emotional energy that needs plenty of room to express itself. In addition, he may tend to ride roughshod over anyone who he feels is standing in his way. President Trump does not tolerate anyone blocking him from doing what he wants.

While he may not be too sure of him-self inside. He compensates by projecting an image of boldness or courageousness. He likes people to respect him for his aggressive self-determination.

If he can avoid alienating people by being too “pushy”, he has the ability to get the best out of other people. He does this by making them push themselves to the limits of their ability.

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Photo Credit: By Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America (Flickr) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons