Melania Trump Affection for the President?

This horoscope article indicates the Melania Trump affection shown towards Donald and their fondness for each other. In addition, discover if they possess the keys to a successful long-term relationship.

Melania Trump affection is long lasting

– Venus Sextile Venus – Melania & Donalds's Venus Sextile Venus 2/5 Stars

Donald and Melania feel a strong and lasting attraction towards one another. This strong connection encourages long-term companionship. They share a desire to help each other and to give one another pleasure, love and affection. Both have a similar attitude and approach towards friendship and romance and enjoy similar interests and social activities.

They express affection towards each other easily and are often sympathetic and encouraging with each other. Fortunately for Donald and Melania, this aspect of their relationship compensates for other difficulties or challenges they may face together.

Donald and Melania enjoy each other’s company. Together they have one of the key ingredients of a happy and successful long-term relationship.

Melania Trump and Donald overindulgence

– Venus Square Jupiter – Melania & Donalds's Venus Square Jupiter 2/5 Stars

If it’s possible to have too much of a good thing, then Donald and Melania get very close. Love and adventure go together in their relationship.

Eventually, however, differences are likely to arise concerning their different philosophical and social interests. Extravagance and over-indulgence may be a feature of their relationship When they get together they seem unable to do anything in moderation, whether it’s physical, emotional or financial.

In time, however, too much superficiality or concern with outward appearances or the expectations or opinions of others may undermine the relationship. Especially if Donald and Melania don’t let each other be themselves.

This can be a hedonistic relationship. Both must be prepared to work hard enough to achieve the depth and sincerity necessary for a serious romantic relationship.

Melania Trump shows deep affection

– Venus Trine Neptune – Melania & Donalds's Venus Trine Neptune 2/5 Stars

The sublime spirit or love and romance between Donald and Melania permeates the relationship. Like a magic potion the attraction between them is powerful but subtle, inspiring the highest ideals of love and devotion. There is great, sincere kindness and compassion between Donald and Melania. Deep affection and devotion help to sustain the relationship through rocky patches.

Shared artistic and creative talents are enhanced and encouraged along with an interest in nature, spirituality and the occult. Donald and Melania may enjoy exploring together and their mutual interests will strengthen the relationship. Melania will be self-sacrificing towards Donald and can entice, enchant and bewitch him. The approach to love and romance may be unconventional and very idealistic. The relationship between Donald and Melania is very much a spiritual union.

Melania Trump affection for Donald is compulsive

– Venus Sextile Pluto – Melania & Donalds's Venus Sextile Pluto 5/5 Stars

There is a powerful, and at times compulsive, physical attraction between Donald and Melania. Mutually intense and deep feelings between them are easily aroused and when they get up close and personal the sexual chemistry is electrifying.

Melania is likely to have a powerful effect on Donald’s emotions and his affection for her She has the potential to be a tremendously positive influence on Donald, empowering him personally and financially.

Nevertheless, there is something obsessive, dramatic and even fated about Donald and Melania’s relationship.

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