George Michael Sex Drive, Stamina, Motivation

The planet Mars in the birth-chart for George Michael represents his drive. It describes his action and energy, the lusty nature of his sex drive and stamina. Consequently, his motivation and how aggressively he asserts and expresses himself.

George Michael is overly critical

– Mars in Virgo

George puts a great deal of energy into organising his practical and material affairs. No matter how tight money is, he always manages to pay his bills and provide the basic necessities of life. He may be over critical both of himself and others, with a tendency to constantly analyse motives. George has a need to understand the whys and wherefores of everything he does – particularly in his sex life.

George Michael – strong intellectual ability

– Mars in 3rd House

George probably has an active and eager mind, coupled with a strong verbal and intellectual ability. At times, however, this can be used as a weapon to mount an attack on others.

George will often not pull his punches, and says what he really means. Even if this means risking the possibility of upsetting or offending others. Although, what he says may arouse others to action, he must avoid the tendency to ram his opinions down others’ throats. In a sense, George’s mind is like a sharp instrument or tool. Handled correctly, can cut through just about anything, but if not, can be very destructive, both to himself and others.

George wants to help others

– Mars Sextile Neptune – George Michael's Mars Sextile Neptune 4/5 Stars

George understands the difference between passion and compassion. He realises there are times when he can assert himself to satisfy his own desires. However, at other times he must yield to someone else’s needs and feelings. In other words, he is prepared to help others when they can’t help themselves.

George gets his own way

– Mars Conjunct Pluto – 4 stars George Michael's Mars Conjunct Pluto 4/5 Stars

George is determined and persistent. When he decides that he wants something, there’s generally no stopping him until he gets it. Although, George’s motives may often be simply to prove to himself and others that he can get his own way.

George asserts himself with an intensity and power that some admire, and some find threatening. Consequently, he is usually able to get his own way. Although, whilst he has a powerful need to assert his own desires, he also has tremendous self-control.

He is able to hold himself back until the right moment, before making his move. Nevertheless, he has very little tolerance for anything and anyone who tries to stand in his way.

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Photo Credit: By Yves Lorson from Kapellen, Belgium (George Michael) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons