Fidel Castro’s Strength and Vitality

The Sun in his birth chart represents Fidel Castro’s strength and vitality. It is his essential self, the focus of his being, indicating what he was striving to become as an individual.

Fidel Castro’s Strength and loyalty

Sun in Leo

Firstly, Fidel’s basic nature was proud and generous, with a love of dramatic gestures. He had an innate loyalty and warmth and is generous and affectionate to those he loved. He had a need to express himself creatively and to be accepted.

Fidel had the strength and determination to achieve his aims, once he decided what they were. His willpower was generally strong. Once had set his mind on a course of action he carried it out with great enthusiasm.

However, he also needed to beware of a tendency to become fixed and dogmatic in his opinions. Occasionally he was rather intolerant of other people’s faults and shortcomings. This arose from intolerance of his own faults and shortcomings.

He may have refused to acknowledge them, or if he did, refused to live with them. Expecting perfection of himself lead him to expect perfection in others.

Fidel Castro’s strength was in his generosity

Sun Opposition Jupiter – Fidel Castro's Sun Opposition Jupiter 4/5 Stars

Occasionally minor issues were blown out of all proportion. These caused him to make too big a deal of things which weren’t important. Particularly when they related to him personally. Nevertheless, he was very generous, at times too much so.

Fidel Castro’s strength was his ability to overcome obstacles

Sun Square Saturn – Fidel Castro's Sun Square Saturn 5/5 Stars

He may have found occasionally life challenged his attempts to express his true nature. Obstacles and delays blocked his path to success. He may have blamed his difficulties on Fate or Karma. This may be true to some extent. The lesson he learned was how to meet this test and turn it into something positive.
He understood the need for patience and restraint; that anything worthwhile was won through constant effort and discipline before he could reap the rewards.

Fidel Castro’s was a publicist

Sun Conjunction Neptune – Fidel Castro's Sun Conjunction Neptune 5/5 Stars

Idealistic and imaginative, early in his life he may have had some difficulty in gaining a clear sense of self-identity. Knowing who he was and where he was going in life. But, once overcome, this problem had the potential to turn dreams into reality.

Fidel was good at dealing with the public, or public speaking. He had an almost mystical aura about him. He could capture the imagination of his audience. Consequently, he made them aware of issues about which they may be unclear or uncertain.

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