Beyoncé & Jay-Z’s Style of Intimacy

This Intimate lover reading details the first impression of Beyoncé  & Jay-Z’s style of intimacy evokes.

Beyoncé’s intimacy is very stylish

– Libra rising
Firstly, the way Beyoncé approaches intimacy is what turns her on. Consequently, she insists on doing it in a stylish way. As a result, Beyoncé is highly critical of the attractiveness and refinement of Jay-Z.

Also, when she is sure she fully understands what makes him tick, that’s when she can be fully satisfied with his physical attributes.

Jay-Z’s style of Intimacy is to be Understanding

– Pisces rising

Firstly, Jay-Z intuitively understands what Beyoncé needs most. Also, this flexibility helps him adapt to any situation. He plays any role during sex that enables him to merge totally with Beyoncé. Shared passion is the pathway to a spiritual realm. This is a realm he longs to inhabit. Jay-Z may get lost on the way.

Beyoncé’s style of Intimacy is all-encompassing

– Ascendant Semi-sextile Moon – Beyoncé's Ascendant Semi-sextile Moon 4/5 Stars

Beyoncé’ is in no doubt, she is sure of her emotions and responds well. Mostly, in a meaningful way that makes Jay-Z feel comfortable in her company.

Jay-Z’s Style – Jay-Z is Out of sight

– Ascendant Square Venus – Jay-Z's Ascendant Square Venus 3/5 Stars

Jay-Z deliberately conceals his needs and is hard to please. Climaxing together is therefore difficult to achieve. Consequently, it’s important to let Beyoncé know what turns him on – clarity here equals success.

Beyoncé’s Jay-Z Style – Beyoncé is noticeable!

– Ascendant Conjunction Venus – Beyoncé's Ascendant Conjunction Venus 5/5 Stars

Physically eye-catching, Beyoncé can use her looks to her best advantage. She loves her own body – and lets everyone know it! Beyoncé has an effective and sensuous touch that not only draws a lover to her, but which simultaneously en-flames passion.

Jay-Z’s is a competent lover

Ascendant Trine Jupiter Jay-Z's Ascendant Trine Jupiter 1/5 Stars

Full of desire, Jay-Z is open to innovative techniques and maximum pleasure. Anything in fact that means his rising sumptuous feelings can be revelled in and enhanced.

Jay-Z is determined

– Ascendant Sextile Saturn – Jay-Z's Ascendant Sextile Saturn 5/5 Stars

Endurance and staying power are Jay-Z’s strengths. For him, his commitment to Beyoncé is all or nothing. In fact, he is so serious and intense, that he sometimes acts like a parental figure.

Beyoncé is tricky

– Ascendant Sextile Neptune – Beyoncé's Ascendant Sextile Neptune 2/5 Stars

Beyoncé is either a good trickster, or alternatively, a dream that’s true. Therefore, either way, it’s easy for others to hang their dreams on her. Beyoncé is flexible enough to act out any role if called upon. Therefore, she is very difficult to pin down.

Jay-X seeks recognition

– Ascendant Square Neptune – Jay-Z's Ascendant Square Neptune 2/5 Stars

Jay-Z is sometimes remote and difficult to understand. He often attracts a similar partner who may have a fanciful image of him, probably an image that is difficult to live up to. Structure, plus a strong dose of reality is necessary.


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Photo Credit: By idrewuk (originally posted to Flickr as Hello hubbie!) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons