Leo Daily Money Horoscope

Wednesday 28th February View Tuesday or Thursday

While the Moon is no longer in your income sector after the weekend's clash with the Sun in your financial sector, there are planets there and on the job and career fronts that can keep the momentum going. In the meantime, as a rare triple alignment between the Sun, Mercury and Saturn in your financial sector peaks, on the other side of the financial fence this is giving you the means, confidence and resolve to take your financial power back.

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More about your Leo daily money horoscope and finances

You learned long ago that Leo finances must mean wealth, for you like to live well. To you, it’s not at all about funding the necessities of life. That’s because basics is not a word in your vocabulary. You tend to speak–and live–in terms of superlatives. You want the best, the very best. And that costs money.

The fact that life costs money doesn’t bother you at all. You naturally like to splurge. You don’t get tuna when caviar is available. Your sense of your own worth is strong, and thus you rarely agonize over Leo finances. You just decide to get more money.

Your Leo finances are in good shape

If you have a career that pays off, you’re happy to spend as you like on parties, good food, and an elegant life. Why shouldn’t you? It’s not as though you don’t have the money. Your Leo finances are in good shape and you live an enjoyable life.

Sometimes your focus in life is fun. Very expensive fun! So the question you must answer is how to fund the fun. What’s obvious to you may seem like fantasy to others. You could get your own reality television show. It worked for many people who never would have become celebrities otherwise. Such a move could put your Leo finances right where they belong–at the top.

Your Leo daily money horoscope denotes a cool way to earn a living

Being the sort of glam person you are, there are alternatives. People adore you. You could be a contented houseguest in a friend’s mansion. You could find a spouse who’s not only rich but also famous. The only problem with that is you like to be the one in the limelight, not the plus one.

So, it comes down to a need to be practical regarding Leo finances. You must find a way to make plenty of money. As you knew that all along, it’s no problem. You just find a cool job in a luxury field and laugh all the way to the bank.