Aquarius Daily Money Horoscope

Wednesday 28th February View Tuesday or Thursday

Just days after a Full Moon in your financial sector put pressure on the Sun and planets in your income sector, there is a major rebounding. It is right in the heart of the working week that a rare and major alignment between the Sun, Mercury and Saturn in your income sector peaks, giving you the insight, resources, motivation and the power to move mountains if you have to.

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More about your Aquarius daily money horoscopes and finances

One of the great things about your positive Aquarius finances is your eccentric outlook on life. Could be a detraction, but is it really? You love alternative lifestyles, so perhaps you’ve decided on commune living.

If two can live as cheaply as one, many people in one home can be a huge financial bonus. If you grow your food, that cuts back on expenses even more.

It’s that sort of cutting edge approach to life that keeps your Aquarius finances in order. You enjoy other cost-cutting measures as well.

Thrift stores are cool places to acquire the things you need, such as clothes and furniture. Something which has a history appeals to you, even when saving money is not your objective.

Your Aquarius daily money horoscope and finances will often involve technology

You do love technology, and in fact, that might be your career. If so, your Aquarius finances are likely to be just fine. Those jobs pay well. You do tend to spend money on technology, so if your job is in that field, you might get discounts. At the very least, you will earn enough so that paying for a new computer won’t break the bank.

That’s the thing about you – it’s easy for you to prioritize, for you know what matters. You don’t sit and debate about spending money. Either you want something or you don’t.

When married, conflicts may arise, for your partner may want to spend on something you consider foolish and vice-versa. Marriage takes compromise, and sometimes so do Aquarius finances.

With an Aquarius daily money horoscope you can rely on logic

You can be quite brilliant at investments. The stock market makes sense to your logical mind, and if so, you could accumulate wealth. You don’t tend to hold onto money, though, because it has no intrinsic value to you.

It’s just a tool. That can be a problem later in life if you’ve squandered assets on fun and cool gadgets. Remember to save for tomorrow, for nobody knows what is just around the corner.