Taurus Daily Love Horoscope

Wednesday 28th February View Tuesday or Thursday

You might be reminded that you need a lover or partner who encourages you and helps you achieve your goals. The Sun and Mercury suggest such a person is available, and you could, with their support, see what you desire more clearly. Attached? If a partner needs to be reminded of why a goal or an ambition matters to you, seize your chance to reiterate this.

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More about your Taurus daily love horoscope

Taurus lovers represent stability and sensuality, two qualities that can transform a long relationship into a devoted marriage. Nobody believes in commitment as wholeheartedly as a Taurus lover. This mate thinks in terms of forever, and will rarely indulge in a casual fling just for the sake of sex.

Despite their reputation and ability to drive a lover insane with touch, it’s not just sex. A Taurus daily love horoscope helps them feel that their lover will be around tomorrow, and the day after. They want to know who you are, if for no other reason than to learn if you’re compatible.

A Taurus daily love horoscope reveals patience

Security is essential to this mate. They know to go slowly, for much is at stake. You’re strangers until you truly know each other.

If you’re dining out for your first rendezvous, that can distract a Taurus lover, for this mate adores eating. To say you may be the dessert is only partially true, for you may also become the platter from which the dessert is lovingly licked off.

A Taurus daily love horoscope shows you have stamina

And that is part of the reason why they crave commitment. They want someone who can go the distance—in bed and out.

This mate relishes lovemaking sessions that feature hours of foreplay. If you eventually drift into slumber without any sense of completion, that’s all right. Taurus reveres the journey much more than the destination.

A Taurus lover is a keeper

The great thing about romancing a Taurus lover is that you know you can count on this person to be a true partner. Taurus saves money for your future, (they do tend to prefer to save rather than spend, so if you like to party, that might be a problem).

And they’ll care for you when you’re laid up with the flu. Building a secure life is important to Taurus lovers. With this mate, you can enjoy old age from the porch of a house you long ago paid off in full.