Leo Daily Love Horoscope

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Life of the party? Check! Witty comeback champ? Double-check! But maybe it's time to unlock your soft side and accept that it can be difficult to know who you can truly trust if you keep it hidden. Dive a little deeper with someone special now. Share something you keep under lock and key and see what blossoms.

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More about your Leo daily love horoscope and romance

One of the best things about Leo lovers is all the glitz and glam. Leo is the 18-karat sign, and nobody enjoys dressing up in something sparkly as much as a Leo Lover.

This is your chance to attend A-list events and to hob knob with the many celebrities Leo counts as friends. Even a casual soiree at home is likely to feature elegant cuisine prepared by a special chef, expensive wines, and possibly even swag bags. Leo lovers like to do things right.

Leo daily love horoscope individuals like to receive as much as to give

Kind, generous, and often very extravagant, Leo lovers adore shopping. If you’re a preferred paramour, you could be on the receiving end of all this largesse. There’s no question, though, that Leo likes to receive as much as to give, so be willing to open your heart and your wallet when you date this luxury loving mate.

Your Leo lover needs quite a bit of attention.

You must become an appreciative audience while your mate tells jokes, regales you with juicy gossip, or breaks into an impromptu tune. It’s possible that you might feel a bit neglected in this relationship, for Leo lovers are better talkers than listeners, but if you ask for more attention, you likely will get it, for this mate wants to satisfy your needs in every area.

Leo lovers are more than capable of making a commitment

Expect to share long nights of sizzling lovemaking, and to be very comfortable while you’re wooed, for Leo lovers have magazine-worthy beds covered in the most elegant, luxury sheeting. There’s no question that this mate has had many offers from other lovers, but you can relax in knowing that Leo lovers are more than capable of making a commitment.

They like continuity as much as extravagance, so you could become the devoted couple who enjoys a splendid life for decades.

Leo lovers also make excellent parents, for they love displaying their playful side when frolicking with the kiddies.