Capricorn Daily Love Horoscope

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It's time to speak your truth as the Sun and Mercury crank up your communication skills. You may be used to keeping quiet or keeping secrets but might be more transparent now than you think you are. So, don't hold back, Capricorn. Your mind's a treasure chest, so let the honesty flow and release what's in it – and in your heart while you're at it!

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More about your Capricorn daily love horoscope and romance

Capricorn lovers are traditionalists at heart. They want a conservative life. They believe in old-fashioned values, and hope to forge a permanent commitment with someone who wants to build a home and family.

All of this sounds totally wonderful, and it is, but the problem is Capricorn lovers are often too immersed in their careers to go out and make it all happen.

Like those people who race to the last page in a book instead of taking the time to read every delicious word, Capricorn lovers want marriage without the bother of dating. There’s that whole interview process of romance which they find such a colossal time waster.

Some Capricorn lovers will take an unconventional approach. They hire a matchmaker who can find them a perfect mate without all the complications of dating multiple prospects.

With your Capricorn daily love horoscope romance is a process

It’s a learning experience. But for Capricorn lovers it’s not always fun. So if you’ve taken a fancy to this all business and no play mate, be sure you’re quite serious. They’re looking for the right spouse, not a right-now lover.

Even without going through the pains of dating and heartbreak, Capricorn lovers know what they want. Someone with a similar outlook and values is the perfect partner for a Capricorn.

If you can envision that sweet little cottage – or who are we kidding – a big, expensive house with some well-mannered children and strong ties to the community, then perhaps you’ve met your match.

Once you’ve come to that conclusion, things can move smoothly. Capricorn lovers will work at romance if you demand the hearts and flowers, but often they’d prefer to have an assistant shop for the keepsakes, so make sure you demand a personal touch.

Despite the all-business approach to amour that Capricorn projects, they can become reliable mates on whom you can count. And surprisingly, Capricorn lovers can also be good in bed. They regard sex as another aspect of life at which they must excel, and so they will work long and hard to see that you are satisfied.