Cancer Daily Love Horoscope

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Change is knocking, so don't play hide and seek, invite it in! Connect with what piques your curiosity and pursue it like you catch the last train of the night. If you've got a love sidekick, this is a time to plan a new adventure together. If you're on the dating merry-go-round, see what giving a thumbs-up to something - or someone - you'd usually swipe left on brings.

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More about your Cancer daily love horoscope and romance

Tenderness and sweet sentimentality are the hallmarks of Cancer lovers. Nurturing comes naturally to this romantic individual. Pretty much since kindergarten Cancer’s been seeking a perfect soulmate with whom to settle down and raise a family. Playing the field is not what a Cancer lover is all about; it just wastes precious child bearing years.

This mate wants a traditional life, the sweet sounds of a baby cooing in the corner, aromas coming from the overused kitchen, and the knowledge that you felt that blush of recognition from the moment you met.

Cancer daily love horoscope readers have a sentimental heart

Romantic? Oh, wow, yes. Cancer lovers have the sort of sentimental heart which is the target of romance novels across the globe. They don’t just want commitment, but to love fully and to love forever.

A tiny child loves and depends completely on a mother whose devotion and tenderness is never absent.

It’s this maternal security that fuels Cancer lovers’ hearts and which they want to transform into a romantic relationship that has the same constancy and enduring devotion. Loving and being loved unconditionally and without alteration is the Cancer lover’s goal.

You can count on your Cancer lover to care

This mate will be thrilled to provide you with all the nurturing you need. Whether that means freshly baked cookies for your first day at a new job, or tea with lemon and honey when you’re sick, you can count on your Cancer lover to care as much about you as you do about yourself.

You will lie nightly, snuggled tightly in each other’s arms, sharing complete intimacy and safe in the knowledge that this one person desires your complete bliss.

A Cancer daily love horoscope reader is sensitive and easily hurt

Remember, though, that Cancer is a sensitive individual, so be careful what you do and what you say. Casual comments shared in an offhand manner can result in such deeply wounded feelings that you’re on the warpath for months.

For despite the sweetness and sentimentality, when wounded, Cancer lovers react in an over-the-top manner. They want you to be happy, but not if you make them miserable.