Aquarius Daily Love Horoscope

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The Sun and Mercury shine a spotlight on your values. So, although you receive potent support to focus on yourself, don't forget about your partner or potential flame sitting on the sidelines. See sharing your awesome self like a potluck dinner - you bring confidence, love brings spice! Set the scene for audacious romance with your boosted self-confidence and bask in adoration.

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More about your Aquarius daily love horoscope and romance

Aquarius lovers want to be your best friend. Even if the romance sizzles then fizzles, you can still count on this mate to remain a pal forevermore. Unlike more tempestuous partners, Aquarius has a way of making friendship so important that even a breakup can’t derail it.

Yes, your Aquarius lover is a bit of techy geek. They know it all and make sure you see it from their perspective. Sometimes the entire relationship unfolds online. But still, it’s loads of fun, and you can laugh together over anything and everything.

Your Aquarius daily love horoscope shows you have a quirky approach to life and to love

They may express extreme distaste for marriage one minute then suggest you elope the next. If you love surprises, this is the mate for you, because you’ll never know what’s coming next. Just don’t be too pushy.

If you share your sweet sentiments about a lifetime commitment early in the relationship, you might scare off this decidedly gun shy lover. Talk about your friendship, not the children you hope to have one day.

It’s important for you to be willing to fit into your Aquarius lover’s circle of friends. To this mate, friends are like an extended family, and if you don’t like their buddies, you might as well call it quits.

Despite being eccentric, Aquarius lovers have no desire to be alone. This individual is almost always surrounded by other people. Good conversation and interesting ideas are the Aquarius lifeblood, so be prepared to express yourself with verve and dynamism – as long as your ideas are compatible with theirs.

With an Aquarius daily love horoscope sometimes intellectual interaction is enough

You might grow a little weary of the sluggish pace at which your romance progresses, even if you spend every day together. Don’t take it as a sign that you’re not attractive if your Aquarius lover makes no move toward the bedroom.

That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take the lead. Remember that although Aquarius lovers are cerebral types, they’re not dead below the chin, so find a way to be seductive and let the fun begin.