Taurus Daily Career Horoscope

Wednesday 28th February View Tuesday or Thursday

Having the Moon in your work sector in the heart of the working week is advantage enough, but a friendly aspect to Venus and Mars in your career sector takes this to a whole new level. This is the Moon's only visit while Venus and Mars are in your career sector and as well as ensuring you are emotionally and intuitively engaged, this is tightening the bond between job and career matters.

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More about your Taurus daily career horoscope and prospects

Because you’re such a fan of stability, you tend to remain in a single line of work, perhaps all your life, so a steady and rewarding path is reflected in your Taurus daily career horoscope. When a good opportunity arises, you grab it, and you feel content to enjoy this lucky break for decades.

It’s not as though you take life casually. You do not. You spend time considering your choices and your best option. Sometimes you hesitate too long, and the opportunity goes to someone else.

A Taurus daily career horoscope shows how you endure, so you feel that making the right choice is crucial. Unlike other people who date – and work – sequentially, when you commit to something, you stick with it.

Your Taurus daily career horoscope celebrates stability

Your naturally stable nature makes you appear reliable to employers. They know a good thing when they see it. Because you’re there year after year, you gain additional responsibilities and income. It’s a good sensation to build something that endures in your Taurus career.

You have a way with details, and sometimes can do very precise work. On the flip side, you also adore luxury items, and might work with gems or precious metals.

Your see beauty in your Tauris daily career horoscope

You have an affinity for shopping, and do well in jobs in retailing. You might become a trusted watchmaker, or someone who repairs beautiful things.

You’re also quite famous for your ability with plants, so a career that involves gardening is rewarding. You might own a nursery or develop new varieties of plants. Creating the next special rose would be quite a thrill in a Taurus career.

Everyone teases you about your tendency to save rather than spend, but those inclinations can come in handy in the banking field. An excellent Taurus career is a financial advisor who helps other people manage their money. You could also work for local government, allocating their budget in the wisest manner.