Leo Daily Career Horoscope

Friday 17th January View Thursday or Saturday

Mercury's departure from your work sector is the beginning of the end to the short term focus on work and job matters and of a separation of the planets here to get this new professional year moving and those that will stay on. Having begun the week with five of the six planets here aligned daylight can now be seen between short and long term objectives.

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More about your Leo daily career horoscope and prospects

Your natural star power carries you forward in life, and must be a significant element in your Leo career. You want to shine so all the world can see. Your goal in life is positive self-expression, and nowhere more than your career do you have the chance to express yourself.

You believe in yourself, and know you can do great things. Other people must agree with you, for praise is essential to your personal sense of satisfaction in a job well done.

You feel happy in a Leo career where you come before the public. Your star power deserves to be seen!

The stage is a far preferred Leo career option

Many Leo daily career horoscope readers gravitate toward the stage, or other areas of show business. You love theatricality, and you feel at home in the entertainment world. If, by some twist of fate, you can’t actually act, you could do very well designing costumes or sets. It takes the same dramatic flair, and you could still win many awards.

Your Leo career daily horoscope highlights appearances

You adore precious metals and anything that glitters, so your Leo career could involve design or selling of specialty jewels. Fashion is as important off stage as on, and you enjoy looking great.

Consider working in a fashion business, as a consultant for someone who hasn’t a clue, or as a personal shopper.

Leo career options include public relations

You love entertaining on a grand scale, so you could easily make a living as a party planner. Your events would be so over the top that you’d get lots of publicity. Speaking of publicity, you’re a natural in the world of public relations. When you say, someone is interesting, everyone listens.

Whatever you do to earn money, it must be a substantial income. You appreciate only the best, so if you’re going to help other people find it, you must also claim it for yourself. If your Leo career provides wealth along with personal satisfaction, you’re happy.