Gemini Daily Career Horoscope

Friday 22nd January View Thursday or Saturday

While an alignment between dreamy Neptune and the dwarf planet Ceres that runs its course today is their last in your career sector in our lifetime, they will continue to work as a team to update your professional dreams, needs and priorities for another month. However, today there is no daylight between them.

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Your Gemini daily career horoscope denote variety

Your Gemini daily career horoscope demonstrates that your work must be stimulating, not staid. Someone who loves variety as much as you do tends to move and change jobs often. To you this is a positive, not a negative.

When you consider friends, who’ve had one job for decades, you feel they’ve lost rather than gained. And you feel that anything done for years on end gets a bit dull.

You demand intellectual stimulation in every aspect of your life. A Gemini career is no exception. You want to think about your work even when you’re not at work.

It’s not so much devotion, as a need to work at something so fascinating that you don’t want to put it aside, even on the weekend.

A Gemini daily carer horoscope shows you require work that engages your mind

On the other hand, if you’re doing odd jobs while in school, you’re just as content with easy and rather mindless work. If you’re stuffing envelopes, you’re free to think of other things. Your mind can amuse itself while your fingers bend and fold those pages.

That is the dual nature of your employment picture – either you’re intellectually enthralled or not involved at all. Something in the middle that requires a little attention but isn’t fascinating is the worst Gemini career.

A Gemini daily career horoscope shows communication skills

You have good communication skills, so use them at work. You’re a natural teacher, particularly if you’re imparting information about a field that you love. You also enjoy children, for they inspire your own inner child to remain sparkling, so consider building your Gemini career in the classroom.

If you enjoy writing, that is another good choice. It’s important to realize that writing does require discipline, and it’s not a social profession. You might feel lonely trapped with nothing but your computer.

A better way to use your Gemini daily career horoscope is by involving writing is journalism. There is still that solitary sense of facing down the computer, but other people work with you. You gather information through conversation, and that feels engaging.