Aquarius Daily Career Horoscope

Wednesday 28th February View Tuesday or Thursday

Ahead of the Moon's return to your career sector tomorrow, today is more about having your money hat on as a rare triple alignment between the Sun, Mercury and Saturn in your income sector peaks. The Moon will connect with all three as it moves through your career sector over the coming days, fuelling your professional instincts and imagination and helping to align this with where the money is.

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More about your Aquarius daily career horoscope and prospects

Computers and devices of all sorts appeal to you, and often you find a way to build the perfect Aquarius career in a high-tech field. Like most members of your quirky, intellectual sign, you like your toys.

You understand gadgets. They naturally make sense to you. You’re the one everyone appeals to when something new comes out, because only you can make it work.

Tech support is a great job option, because you can use your social skills to make friends and your geek side to help fix those toys. Exploiting your tech talents is a great Aquarius career.

With an Aquarius daily career horoscope you feel idealistic about your prospects

You are naturally friendly, and your friendships are the most important thing in your life. Being a people person, you need to have social interactions. Because you’re so brilliant, you might attain advanced degrees and become a professor, sharing your insights with young minds.

Building a rewarding Aquarius career involves doing something that feels beneficial, not just to you but the world.

Your Aquarius daily career horoscope denotes that your career should have value

You really want to make a difference, so your job can take that goal into account. How can you make the world a better place? Become a political activist, working to educate people about current trends. You could become a journalist, or even a high-profile hacker. An Aquarius career that informs others feels like a good use of your time.

Money isn’t your number one goal, so even if you work in a particularly lucrative field, you see the income as nice, but not your main inducement. You apply important standards to everything you do, and that includes creating a meaningful Aquarius career.

If you do become quite wealthy, you find a way to involve yourself in worthwhile charities. Even before success, you may opt to volunteer or work at a low level in a charity.

That could be your real Aquarius career, even if you also have a job that pays the bills. Your goal in life is to find satisfaction doing something you value, and that’s the best way to spend your time.