Horoscope Content Services

Horoscope content provider Stardm Ltd’s co-founders are Eric Biss and Chris Nelis. They collaborate with well-known authors and astrologers in the UK and throughout the world. They also provide a consultancy service for clients who require either their own exclusive or syndicated content.

Editor Eric Biss commissions exclusive astrology and horoscope content written by experienced astrological writers. In addition, Stardm offers a wide range of astrology reports and horoscopes.

Chris Nelis, Stardm’s Director of Programming develops unique online delivery systems. He also oversees design of web sites and content display. Stardms unique high-speed system provides efficient and reliable delivery of personalized astrology reports.

Stardm commercial Licensing

We offer licensing for free promotional content and sales systems. Our clients include a number of commercial web sites for many well-known astrologers. View Promotional Samples here

Horoscope Content  for Dating Sites

Stardm provides unique profiles about personality, sexuality and romance. Expand your existing Dating site business with this ground breaking and original content.

Horoscope Content XML RSS Feeds

Free White Label Astrology Report Store contains free Birth Charts and Personal Report Samples with any subscription purchase of our horoscopes.
View horoscope feeds here

We provide for display a unique range of daily, weekly, Monthly and yearly horoscopes. In addition, topics include love, money, Careers, Chinese zodiac, pets, Erotic, Romance and many more.

We also have horoscopes in over 20 different language options, for use on web sites, social media platforms as well as mobile and tablet applications.

Drive traffic to your web site, mobile application or social media app. You can incorporate any number of horoscopes from a comprehensive range of XML horoscope feeds. Also, content to encourage repeat visits to you web site or mobile app. Licensing is also available for email distribution.

Over 15 years of experience means we provide reliable horoscope content. Over 20 languages already available. We can supply any further language you require within 4 – 5 weeks. Also, different topics about love and relationship, finance and work, plus many more.

Horoscope Content Display

Display the twelve zodiac signs on a single page or, with the coding we supply you can place daily, weekly, monthly horoscopes on or separate pages.  In addition, you can choose to have a select today, tomorrow and yesterday option.