Virgo 2019 Career Forecast

Virgo 2019 Career

Your Virgo2019 Career Horoscope indicates on paper job and career matters look evenly balanced this year and with no major planetary activity, a fairly typical year on both fronts. However, both sides have a secret weapon or two that allows them to punch above their weight.

Apart from a Full Moon in your career sector in December 2017, there has been no planetary activity there or in either of your professional houses since the middle of last year.

Virgo 2019 Career Horoscope – untapped potential

However, you have had the South Node in your work sector since last May and that is about to have critical implications in the early weeks of the New Year. While not a planet, the South Node is providing a constant sense of direction on the job front, a pull in the right direction and sets the scene for potentially game changing eclipses.

It also means that when there is planetary activity there is a huge amount of untapped job potential for them to tap into. As there has been no planetary activity since the South Node returned last May, there is a huge amount of untapped potential, with Venus able to tap into this when she returns on the 18th January.

Virgo 2019 Career Horoscope – new beginnings

This kicks off a very short 32-day period where the Sun, Mercury and Venus will all move through at the same time and with all that untapped income potential, trigger as much as possible. It is during this period, from Venus’ return on the 18th January to the Sun’s departure on the 18th February, that a solar eclipse on the 16th February will act as a catalyst for some major new beginnings and opportunities.

This is the point when all planetary activity on the job front should run its course for the year and for three months that will be the case. However, Mars will move through from the 16th May to the 13th August and then again from the 11th September to the 16th November.

Virgo 2019 Career Horoscope – year summary

It is during Mars’ first visit that you will not only have a total lunar eclipse on the job front on the 28th July, with the potential for major and unexpected job developments, but developments on the career front as well.

While it will only take 32 days for the Sun, Mercury and Venus to move through your work sector in the early part of the year, it will take them slightly longer to move through your career sector. It will begin with Venus’ return on the 25th April and end with the Sun’s departure on the 21st June, just under two months later.

With Mars in your work sector from the 16th May to the 13th August, he will work with career forces and once they run their course, keep them moving forward as well.

With the South Node leaving your work sector on the 7th November and Mars wrapping up his second visit on the 16th November, he’ll be here to bring things home and tie up loose ends after the fact. A Full Moon on the career front on the 23rd November will round this professional year off nicely.