Pisces 2019 Love Forecast

Pisces 2019 Love

Your Pisces 2019 Love Horoscope indicates for the majority of the year there is not a lot happening on the romantic and relationship fronts over and above what you would normally expect in any year. If anything, this is a quiet year on both fronts.

With Mars having visited both your romantic and relationship sectors in 2017, he won’t be back until 2019 so you have the bare minimum of planetary activity. That bare minimum is the Sun, Mercury and Venus, who must all move through once a year and the annual quota of a Full and New Moon in both your romantic and relationship sectors.

Pisces 2019 Love –  New Year’s gift

Even Mercury is staying no longer than he needs to. When you have a year like this, it creates concentrated pockets, where you’re able to give matters of the heart and your relationships some undivided attention, while they are active.

However, as you’ll see there is a clue that something special lies in wait, later in the year. You won’t have to wait long for the first romantic influence, with a Full Moon in your romantic sector on the 2nd January. This Lovers Moon is a New Year’s gift from the love gods and considering what lies in wait later in the year, there could be some clues.

Pisces 2019 Love – fateful is developments

After that, apart from the Moon’s monthly visits, you will need to wait until Venus, planet of love returns to your romantic sector on the 20th May. This kicks off a short, sharp two-month romantic update. During that time Venus will move through from the 20th May to the 14th June, Mercury from the 13th June to the 29th June and the Sun from the 21st June to the 23rd July.

Had they been moving any closer, this could have been over in less than six weeks. Yet it is a New Moon on the 13th July that brings the first real hint that something fateful is developing, for this will be no ordinary New Moon, but a solar eclipse.

Eclipses aren’t random and it suggests that one of the lunar nodes are drawing close. In this case, this is a prelude to the North Node’s return to your romantic sector on the 7th November, which will kick off a fateful romantic chapter that will run through to May 2020.

Pisces 2019 Love – auspicious progress

This will include several more eclipses next year. What is also auspicious this year is the timing of the developments on the romantic and relationship fronts. The Sun will leave your romantic sector on the 23rd July, wrapping up all activity until the North Node returns in November.

However, by then something special will be developing on the relationship front. It begins with Ceres’ return to your relationship sector on the 28th June, with her first visit in four years running until the 6th September. Ceres is the queen of nurturing and is here to bring her special magic to your relationships.

Things will become even more special when Venus moves through your relationship sector from the 10th July to the 7th August. With the Sun in your relationship sector from the 23rd August to the 23rd September, Mercury from the 6th September to the 22nd September and a New Moon on the 10th September, this will give your relationships a lot of concentrated support.