Pisces 2019 Career Forecast

Pisces 2019 Career

Your Pisces 2019 Career Horoscope is a year of three parts as far as your career situation and professional push is concerned, while there is something very solid and steady on the job front. It was only on the 20th December 2017 that Saturn wrapped up a three-year visit to your career sector, a period that has created a huge amount of momentum, while asking a huge amount from you in return.

The first thing you will want to do is catch your breath and let things play out and that is exactly what you’ll get a chance to do. The Sun, Saturn and Venus all left your career sector within the five days leading up to Christmas 2017, leaving Mercury behind to tie up loose ends.

Pisces 2019 Career Horoscope – making things happen

Mercury’s departure on the 11th January will leave your career sector empty for the first time in over three years, giving you a chance to step back. However, Mercury won’t close the doors behind him and this is still very much a work in progress, with this more a chance to catch your breath.

For until Mars moves through, you haven’t even begun to exploit the potential from the last three years. Mars will move through from the 27th January to the 18th March and expect a lot to happen in that time.

There will be no planetary activity on the career front from Mars’ departure on the 27th January to Mercury’s return on the 31st October, so a planet that normally works to make things happen and get things done, will be doubly committed this year.

Things might go quiet on the career front, but there is still plenty of momentum on the job front. With the North Node in your work sector until the 7th November, there is a natural current in effect on the job front, as well as continuous planetary activity.

Pisces 2019 Career Horoscope – year summary

While only a dwarf planet, in your work sector until the 28th June, Ceres will keep things ticking over until Venus returns on the 14th June, taking over from where her sister planet leaves off.

This will kick off a more active period that will begin with Venus’ return on the 14th June and end with Mercury’s departure on the 6th September. It is during that period that a solar eclipse on the 11th August will tap into the element of fate the North Node brings in to play, with the potential for major new beginnings and fateful developments.

It is during the early days of November that something stunning takes place, all in a 48-hour period. It starts with the North Node’s departure from your work sector on 7th November, but is followed less than 24 hours later by Jupiter’s return to your career sector on the 9th November.

A year that began with Saturn’s three-year visit having just wrapped up, ends with your biggest and most opportune year for career growth and expansion in over a decade underway. By this point, it will be clear that Saturn’s three-year visit was the three-year professional boot camp needed to prepare you for Jupiter’s opportunities. Once Jupiter arrives, support will continue to flood in for the rest of the year.