Leo 2019 Money Forecast

Leo 2019 Money

Your Leo 2019 Money Horoscope indicate while the main focus is on your financial situation and money matters as a whole this year, the planetary activity that you do have on the income front is all favourable and is likely to punch well above its weight. And for a similar reason for why this is destined to be such a good year for money matters as a whole, which is outside support.

Chiron, gatekeeper to old financial demons, has been in your financial sector since 2010 and Neptune, planet of dreams and fantasies since 2012. These are an unlikely pair, as Neptune is all about financial dreams and Chiron deals with the realities of old financial demons.

Leo 2019 Money Horoscope – financial housekeeping

This year two things happen that change everything. The first is the support that both planets are getting from lucky Jupiter this year, support that will remain strong right through to early November. The second thing that happens is that Chiron will leave your financial sector on the 17th April, taking him out of the game.

This will leave Neptune on his own for the first time since he arrived, with a chance to get serious about your financial dreams. The more active point of the year for money matters is when the Sun, Mercury and Venus move through. This year this will begin with Venus’ return on the 11th February and will run through to the Sun’s departure on the 21st March.

This isn’t a very long period and with Mercury in here from the 18th February to the 6th March, this is a chance to get in, take care of any financial housekeeping and move on.

Leo 2019 Money – year summary

The biggest impact from Chiron’s departure from your financial sector is more likely to be felt on the income front. The most lucrative months of the year are when there is planetary activity in your income sector, which there will be from Ceres’ return on the 28th June to the Sun’s departure on the 23rd September.

This is a period of nearly three months, almost twice as long as the planetary activity on the financial front earlier in the year. That is because Ceres is making her first visit in four years and the timing couldn’t be better. Chiron will return to your financial sector on the 26th September, before finally leaving for good next February.

The window that Chiron won’t be in your financial sector and therefore won’t put pressure on the planets in your income sector runs from the 17th April to the 26th September. And the most lucrative months of the year on the income front run from the 28th June to the 23rd September, ending just three days before Chiron returns.

I said at the start that the planetary activity on the income front would punch above its weight and that is because of the huge developments on the job front this year. It is right during the time that the planetary activity is playing out on the income front that Mars will be helping to create some stunning conditions on the job front.

Leo 2019 Money – annual review

During this time there’s a period that is especially lucrative. This period runs from the 5th September to the 22 October and you break through barriers. The main opportunity occurs in between the 20th September to the 14th October.

There is an ongoing need to maintain a balance between money coming in and money going out. The money gods stop monitoring this from early May.