Virgo 2018 Forecast Horoscope

Virgo 2018 Forecast

Your Virgo 2018 Horoscope from the get go it is clear that it is not a repeat of 2017 or any other year for that matter. It is not one single event, but where in total the major forces in play this year are taking you.

There is a definite shift towards your personal life and towards an easy and more playful life chapter. One of the biggest impacts on this year is not what is happening, but what you won’t find.

Virgo 2018 Forecast – pressure release

For the last three years you have moved into the year with Saturn in your home and family sector, but his departure on the 20th December 2017 means he won’t follow you into the New Year and won’t return for another three decades.

Saturn is the hard taskmaster of the cosmos and even if you didn’t have challenges on the home, family and/or property fronts, this put Saturn at a tough aspect to your Sun. This created a sense of being under pressure even if you couldn’t put your finger on where it was coming from.

This also made things look and feel harder. What I mean by that, is that in 2018 you might have the same demands on the home and family fronts, you might deal with the same challenges and have the same responsibilities, but they will feel easier and lighter.

Virgo 2018 Forecast – willing volunteer

Without Saturn there things will not just seem easier, you will also enjoy the benefits of the last three years. That in itself would change the dynamics of this year, but Saturn has joined Pluto in a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart and will stay here for the next three years.

This is the first time in our lifetime that they have met up here and with Pluto’s call for change and Saturn’s determination, life is set to become a lot more playful, fun, romantic and creative. You will still need to take responsibility, but you will be a willing volunteer.

Virgo 2018 Forecast – embracing life

This shift in focus is also being mirrored on the relationship front. Lucky Jupiter will spend the majority of the year in your communication sector and even after leaving on the 9th November, the communication gods will remain on the job.

This is good news for your relationships, with Jupiter enjoying an ongoing partnership with dreamy Neptune in your relationship sector. This comes in a year when a lot of the old relationship ghosts and demons of the past are going to naturally start falling away.

Collectively this is creating an extremely important year for both matters of the heart and your relationships. Life will lighten up even more from May onwards, with a chance for travel, higher learning or just embracing life more.