Scorpio 2018 Career Forecast

Scorpio 2018 Career

Your Scorpio 2018 Career Horoscope indicates to start with it is business as usual on both the job and career fronts, but by midyear the dynamics of your professional year will change. For your cosmic mates the response would be ‘doesn’t that happen every year’? And for the rest of us there is always change, but with Uranus in your work sector since 2010, you’ve been locked in the same pattern for years

Over the last two years this has been a mixed blessing, with Jupiter in opposition from September 2016 to October 2017, but with a massive amount of support from Saturn in your income sector, especially last year.

Scorpio 2018 Career Horoscope – potential for momentum

The year starts with Uranus in retrograde motion in your work sector, things still playing out on the income front, but with no more planets in opposition. Mars, the last planet to move through a nostalgic part of your chart and into opposition with Uranus left in December

This means that work tension and job pressure of the last two years doesn’t follow you into 2018, but the momentum does. Or at least the potential for momentum, for with Uranus turning direct on the job front on the 3rd January, he and work and job matters are at a standstill as the year begins.

Scorpio 2018 Career Horoscope – opening doors

This is giving you a valuable chance to regroup and even after he turns direct, to find your feet, embrace the fact that there is no pressure and approach things at your own speed. Apart from a total solar eclipse in your career sector on 1st February, this professional year won’t really hit its stride until Mercury returns to your work sector on the 6th March.

This will open the doors to a quick, sharp update that begins with Mercury’s return on the 6th March and will end with his departure on the 14th May. Normally here for just 15 days, it is the fact that Mercury will turn retrograde from the 23rd March to the 15th April that will keep this smart and intellectually savvy planet around for much longer.

And just as well, for with Venus gone by the 31st March and the Sun by the 20th April, this will keep things in play. For on the 16th May, just two days after Mercury leaves, after eight years Uranus will also leave. He will return from the 7th November to the 6th March 2019, but only to tie up loose ends.

Scorpio 2018 Career Horoscope – year summary

Your professional year won’t go off the boil during that time, with Eris still keeping things ticking over on the work front and the North Node in your career sector, keeping the professional momentum going.

It is the North Node that is responsible for the lunar eclipse on the career front on the 1st February and a solar eclipse on the 11th August.

You also have continuous planetary activity on the career front from last September through to the 6th September. However, the most active phase on the career front will run from Venus’ return on the 14th June to Mercury’s departure on the 6th September.

The solar eclipse on the 11th August will be right in the epicentre, with the potential for some major new beginnings or opportunities.