Pisces 2018 Money Forecast

Pisces 2018 Money

Your Pisces 2018 Money Horoscope indicate there are two main factors that will define this financial year. The first is what is happening and the second is what is not happening. What isn’t happening is that the financial tension and pressure between income and financial forces that has dogged the last two years won’t follow you into 2018.

For a while there, in the final months of 2018 that wasn’t looking like this would be the case. Jupiter left your financial sector and moved out of opposition with both planets in your income sector in October 2017. However, with the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars still moving through, that pressure continued and didn’t come to an end until Mars left in December.

Pisces 2018 Money Horoscope – problem free

You will not only move into the New Year with no planetary activity in your financial sector, but January 2018 is the first time you have ever moved into a new month with no planetary activity there since August 2016. And when there is no planetary activity in your financial sector there is no pressure on income forces and no financial tension.

That is what is missing this year and it is absent from the get go. With Jupiter gone from your financial sector, this is an area of your chart that is only active at certain points in the year, something that hasn’t been the case since 2015. There is also a twist of fate this year that will see even this year’s financial update unfold problem free.

Pisces 2018 Money Horoscope – lucrative developments

The income front is a very different story, for with Eris in your income sector for over 90 years and not due to leave for another 30 years, she has been here our entire life. Yet as a dwarf planet and as she is here for longer than a human lifespan, Eris acts as the gatekeeper to your values in general.

It wasn’t until Uranus returned in 2010 that this power was activated. This meant that when Jupiter returned to your financial sector in 2016 a real power struggle ensued, a power struggle that was only resolved when Mars left your financial sector in December.

This sets the scene for some rapid expansion and some lucrative developments on the income front in the early part of the year, starting with Mercury’s return to your income sector on the 6th March through to his departure on the 14th May. During that time the Sun and Venus will both move through and Mercury himself will spend from the 23rd March to the 15th April in retrograde motion.

Pisces 2018 Money Horoscope – year summary

Uranus, who turns direct in your income sector on the 3rd January will exploit all that this support offers. However, Uranus will leave on the 16th May, returning from the 7th November to the 6th March 2019, in order to tie up loose ends. That timing is significant, for the faster planets will move through your financial sector from the 7th August to 24th October.

Without Uranus in opposition in your income sector there is unlikely to be the financial tension you will normally experience at this time of year. Where income matters get a free run from the 6th March to the 14th May, money matters will get a free run from the 7th August to the 24th October.

Venus will return for a double dip visit to your financial sector from 1st November to the 3rd December and will run into opposition with Uranus just as he retrogrades back into your income sector on the 7th November. However, as the planet of money, Venus will be working to exploit both sides of the fence.