Capricorn 2018 Money Forecast

Capricorn 2018 Money

Your Capricorn 2018 Money Horoscope indicates if you took the lunar nodes out of your two money houses, you would still have an auspicious year on both fronts. Though in both cases the lunar nodes are something that will take care of themselves.

Until leaving your financial sector on the 7th November the North Node will work to keep your financial situation and money matters on track, moving forward and with a clear sense of financial direction.

The South Node in your income sector, is more connected with the past and untapped income potential. Both will be particularly active around the time of the eclipses that they create and when there is planetary activity. Since the North Node returned to your financial sector and the South Node to your income sector in May 2017, all the planetary activity has been on the financial front.

Capricorn 2018 Money Horoscope – active money matters

That will continue right through to early September, with continuous planetary activity here since mid 2017. What has kept things active long after they should have run their course for the year, is that you not only have Ceres making her first visit in four years, but a retrograde phase until the 19th March is keeping her here until the 28th June.

It is while Ceres is retrograde that a total lunar eclipse on the 1st February will give money matters a push. With Ceres here until late June, this allows enough time for Venus to return on the 14th June and with the Sun and Mercury taking things out to the 6th September, these will be the most active months of the year for money matters.

Capricorn 2018 Money Horoscope – quickening events

It is during that period that a solar eclipse will fall on the 23rd August. Until now there has been no planetary activity on the income front and nothing to test the South Node’s potential. That will change when Venus, planet of money returns to your income sector on the 18th January.

If anyone can hunt out income potential it is Venus, planet of money, making her the perfect planet to kick things off. Once things start to move on the income front it should all start to move fairly quickly, with Venus in your income sector from the 18th January to the 11th February, the Sun from the 20th January to the 19th February and Mercury from the 1st February to the 18th February.

Capricorn 2018 Money Horoscope – year update

From Venus’ return on the 18th January to the Sun’s departure on the 19th February is a period of just over a month, the shortest and most condensed annual update possible. The best part about a quick, sharp burst like this, especially with the South Node creating so much potential for so long and especially with a solar eclipse on the 16th February, is that this can sweep in and make things happen quickly.

Yet the money gods still have a wildcard up their sleeves, with Mars visiting not once but twice. First from the 16th May to the 13th August and again from the 11th September to the 16th November.

Mars will be here when the South Node leaves on the 7th November and during a total lunar eclipse on the income front on the 28th July, making sure every possible advantage is accessed. What you lacked in planetary activity last year, you get in abundance this year.