Capricorn 2018 Love forecast

Capricorn 2018 Love

Your Capricorn 2018 Love Horoscope indicates too start with this year won’t look too different to 2017 on either the romantic or relationship fronts, but this is a year that has some stunning and game changing developments on both fronts.

You begin the year with Venus, planet of love in Capricorn and until she leaves on the 18th January, she will help you define your romantic and relationship desires and expectations for the coming year.

Herein lies the problem. To all intents and purposes, there is nothing to write home about on either front and no reason why you should expect more than any other year. The problem is that Venus knows what you don’t and why it might take a while, there is every reason to start the year with high expectations on both the romantic and relationship fronts.

Capricorn 2018 Love – expectations

As Venus can’t plead her case, I will on her behalf. Case No 1. Reasons for exaggerated romantic expectations. With no planetary activity on the romantic and relationship fronts, all you have to go by is expectations, but things will start moving on the romantic front with Venus, planet of love’s return to your romantic sector on the 31st March.

With Venus here from the 31st March to the 25th April, the Sun from the 20th April to the 21st May and Mercury from the 14th May to the 30th May, all planetary activity should be over within two months. In the scale of things, this is a low amount of planetary activity, with Mars not visiting this year.

Capricorn 2018 Love – new romantic journey

But you know where this story is going and it does not end there. On the 16th May, while the Sun and Mercury are still here everything changes, with Uranus returning to your romantic sector for the first time since 1942. Apart from a brief break from the 7th November to the 6th March 2019, Uranus is here until 2026.

This is the first outer planet to visit your romantic sector in eight decades and brings you to the start of your most important romantic journey in a lifetime. If you’re worried about things going off the boil while Uranus is gone, don’t.

Juno, queen of commitment, will return to your romantic sector from the 1st July to the 30th September but will return again from the 24th October to the 11th February. Having not visited in four years, Juno will visit twice in one year and just as you’re moving into a massive new romantic journey.

Capricorn 2018 Love – year summary

Your relationship sector will be active from Venus’ return on the 20th May to the Sun’s departure on the 23rd July, suggesting a very ordinary annual update. However, a total solar eclipse on the 13th July suggests there is something fateful brewing.

That something fateful is the North Node’s return to your relationship sector from the 7th November 2018 to the 5th May 2020, kicking off a fateful new relationship journey, right in the most important romantic developments in a lifetime.

So, at the start of the year, when Venus’ expectations feel more like wishful thinking, dare to believe your heart, for the love and relationship gods are taking you on an exceptional journey this year.