Capricorn 2018 Career Forecast

Capricorn 2018 Career

Your Capricorn 2018 Career Horoscope indicate workwise things are a lot quieter this year, but for all the right reasons. There will also be a lot less pressure, a lot of natural momentum and two distinct periods where work and career matters will each get their turn.

This hasn’t been the case over the last two years, with Jupiter having only just wrapped up a 13 month visit to your career sector last October. This was a visit fraught with pressure from constant oppositions with Uranus in your home and family sector, creating a lot of professional pressure or work/life balance tension last year.

Capricorn 2018 Career Horoscope – plenty of momentum

Mars left your career sector in December, becoming the last planet to leave, but also the last planet to flush out any remaining balance issues. This has left you with a huge amount of momentum, but with the pressure gone that momentum will have no obstructions and nothing to slow it down.

This creates a situation where all you have invested in over the last few years, could start to bear fruit and play out. However, you start the year with no planetary activity in either of your two professional houses and apart from a Full Moon in your career sector on the 1st April, it will stay that way until Venus returns to your work sector on the 25th April.

Capricorn 2018 Career Horoscope – productive period

This kicks off the most active months of the year on the work front, but as will be the case with career forces later in the year, there is a big surprise. For the first time in four years as the Sun, Mercury and Venus move through your work sector, which they will do from the 25th April to the 13th June, there are no planets in opposition.

With Saturn having left a nostalgic part of your chart in December, he is no longer on the other side of the sky when the planets move through your work sector. With no work tension and job pressure and no roadblocks, this should be a short and productive period on the job front.

It is the planets that start returning to your career sector on the 7th August however that will be in for the biggest shock. Since 2010 Uranus has been in your home and family sector and no planet has been able to move through your career sector without moving into opposition.

Capricorn 2018 Career Horoscope – year summary

Having to contend with professional pressure or work/life balance tension and being forced to balance your home and professional lives has been part of the deal for the last seven years. However, Uranus will leave on the 16th May and while he will return on the 7th November, most of the planets will have moved through your career sector by then.

In fact, they will have all moved through, with a parade of planets moving through your career sector starting with Ceres’ return on the 6th September and ending with the Sun’s departure on the 24th October.

However, Venus will do a U turn and come back for a double dip visit from the 1st November to the 3rd December. This will involve an opposition with Uranus, but just for old time’s sake and with one last chance to resolve any work/life balance issues. This is a small price to pay for a double dip visit that brings the potential for a do over.