Aquarius 2018 Money Forecast

Aquarius 2018 Money

Your Aquarius 2018 Money Horoscope indicate of your two money houses, your financial sector which puts the focus on your financial situation and money matters and your income sector, the balance of power is on income matters this year.

And not surprising, with Neptune in your income sector since 2012. However, this is the first year since then that you’ve been able to take full advantage of this. This is partly because there is a lot less focus on money matters than there has been in previous years and because you have lucky Jupiter in your career sector until the 9th November.

Aquarius 2018 Money Horoscope – income scallion

The other thing working in favour of both income and money matters this year, is that they are largely sticking to their own lanes. The most active months on the income front and also the most potentially lucrative months of the year run from Venus’ return to your income sector on the 11th February to Juno’s departure on the 28th April.

Apart from a Full Moon in your financial sector on the 2nd March, there will be no planetary activity on the financial front during that time. This means that income matters will have a completely clear field, with no competition or roadblocks and for the first time in over a decade, with the support of lucky Jupiter in your career sector.

Another factor that could see income matters escalate dramatically, especially towards the end and after this period, is that Chiron will leave your income sector on the 17th April. Where Neptune is the planet of dreams and fantasies and will always work to fuel your confidence and a sense of what’s possible, Chiron is the planet of healing and the gatekeeper to old financial demons.

Aquarius 2018 Money Horoscope – lucrative environment

Where Neptune wants you to dream, Chiron, the wounded healer, reminds of past setbacks. To have Chiron leave is going to set Neptune free to soar and in partnership with Jupiter in your career sector right through to the 9th November, this creates a lucrative environment that will continue for the rest of the year.

Chiron will return from the 26th September to the 18th February 2019 in order to tie up loose ends, before leaving for good. This will leave Pisces on his own, apart from the annual return of the faster planets and Jupiter’s return in 2021/2022, until he leaves in 2026.

Aquarius 2018 Money Horoscope – year summary

Neptune will also be on his own when the Sun, Ceres, Venus and Mercury move through your financial sector, which they will do from the 28th June to the 23rd September. In fact, Chiron will return to your income sector just three days later, avoiding an opposition by the skin of his teeth.

All planets moving through your financial sector will move into opposition with Neptune, but with support from Jupiter and with none of Chiron’s old baggage, this will quickly turn into motivation. That period from the 28th June to the 23rd September, will be your only chance this year to focus on your financial situation and money matters.