Virgo 2017 Career Forecast

Virgo 2017 CareerThe professional gods who support your Virgo 2017 Career Forecast are more of a support act. The dominant income forces make 2017 your luckiest and most potentially lucrative income year in over a decade. They prove critical in providing the framework for income opportunities doing well in their own right.

There is no major planetary activity in either your work or career sectors this year. 2017 is a better than average year on both fronts. Especially when you add in lucky income forces. The periods of the year when work and career matters are active should be fairly successful.

The focus is always going to fall to work matters in the early part of each year. The fact that the Sun always returns to your work sector in January. This turns the solar spotlight onto your work situation, matters and options in the later days of January. As well as the first three weeks of February each year.

This year, the professional gods aren’t waiting for the Sun’s return to your work sector on the 19th January. They have already got the ball rolling.

Virgo 2017 Career – head start

Mars moves through late 2016 and left in mid-December his work passions, fighting and competitive spirit.The momentum he creates is still be evident, giving your new working year a head start.

You also begin the year with Venus in your work sector and she leaves on the 3rd January. This allows you to start the year with a clear sense of what you want. The laws of attraction are in effect. There is a tailwind from the momentum created in the final months of 2016.

The Sun is in your work sector until the 18th February. Mercury moves through from the 7th February to the 25th February. The first two months of the year bring a chance to focus on the more practical phase. You ensure you continue the head start you began with.

February, in particular, is a month for talks, to create a game plan and make the choices, decisions and plans.  You put your working year on the course to continue on, in line with the huge income developments possible.

Virgo 2017 Career – sense of purpose

Mercury’s departs from your work sector on the 25th February. He leaves both your professional houses empty. The professional gods will then leave the field, but not for long. Things start to move on the career front on the 21st April. This is almost a month to the day before the Sun is due to return on the 20th May.

That head start is going to prove critical. When Mars returns on the 21st April he fuels your professional passions, fighting and competitive spirit.  Mars gets things moving on the career front, he ‘gets in before the reality checks are required. This happens well before you even need to get your head in the game, something, won’t happen until much later.

It won’t be long into Mars’ visit that you’ll find that you’re starting to look for something more. Success for the sake of success no longer enough. You start to look more at your sense of purpose and a sense of fulfilment as your driving force.

There is support from lucky Jupiter in your income sector. Simultaneously Mars ushers in a golden period for career developments and opportunities. All this begins with his arrival on the 21st April and continues to unfold right through until the 31st July.

With lucky Jupiter in your income sector throughout that time. The South Node moves into your work sector on the 9th May. Here it stays until 2018. The middle months of 2017 are set to be exceptional months across the income, work and career fronts.