Scorpio 2017 Forecast Horoscope

Scorpio 2017 ForecastFor the majority of your Scorpio 2017 Forecast there is likely to be a sense that you’re waiting for something. You may find it hard to get excited about the New Year, feeling it’s simply a continuation of last year.

You are not jaded or think that another year doesn’t excite you in the way that it normally does. It’s more that for you, this really is going to be just a date on a calendar.

You’re not disenchanted with life, far from it, but your situation as you move into the New Year. The fact is you are in the early months of the 13-month wind down of your current Jupiter cycle.  This is a process that began on the 9th September 2016 and ends on the 10th October 2017.

Scorpio 2017 Forecast – reflection

This is when Jupiter’s returns to Scorpio to begin your luckiest and most expansive year in over a decade. This is a new 12 year Jupiter cycle of expansion. Prior to this event you spent more time looking back rather than forward.

The final year of a 12 year Jupiter cycle is always a year of reflection. There is a need to spend more time in life’s slow lane. You take time out for navel gazing and to simply hear yourself think.
This may see you on a spiritual quest or a journey towards self-discovery. You close old doors, and bring a major chapter of your life to a conclusion. You prepare for the new events and the major new life chapter beginning on the 10th October.

However, that doesn’t mean you spend the year navel gazing, with life continuing as normal. Instead, you just crave and need quiet times more often. As one journey ends you need to prepare for the start of a new journey.

Scorpio 2017 Forecast – reflection

In the meantime, there is a lot of focus on income matters and the destruction of old boundaries. You achieve this in a way that is less about the money and more about standing up for and believing in yourself and what you value most.

Saturn has been in your income sector since December 2014 and his three-year visit ending on the 20th December. He spends the majority of the year making sure you’re ready to stand up for yourself. Also Saturn reminds you of what you believe in and to stand behind the things you value.

Scorpio 2017 Forecast – fateful event

It helps that the professional gods are standing by to extract any income potential this creates. Especially the chance to finally smash through barriers once and for all on both the work and career fronts. In order to accomplish this end, they employ secret weapons.

Uranus is in your work sector from 2010 to 2019. Work and income forces have been working closely together for the last three years. This continues with Mars’ first visit in two years and the extraordinary amount of time Venus spends here. These events make work developments this year stunning.

Mars moves through your work sector from the 28th January to the 10th March. This creates some of the busiest and most potentially successful weeks of the year for work matters. Venus, who normally spends just 24 days attracting opportunities, moves through from the 3rd February to the 3rd April. She comes back for a return visit from the 28th April to the 6th June.

It is during that return visit that the North Node returns to your career sector for the first time in two decades. This event brings the element of fate into play and creates a current that naturally lends itself to success. This influence remains in effect through to November 2018.

It’s the North Node’s return that sets the scene for a total Solar Eclipse. This occurs in in your career sector on the 21st August and the potential for major new beginnings.

Scorpio 2017 Forecast – annual review

The faster moving planets begin to return on the 6th July. They set in motion a period of career and professional opportunity and growth that extends out to the 20th September.

In Saturn’s final months in your income sector, the professional and money gods work together throughout that time.

If there is going to be a challenge this year, it is finding a balance between work and play and time to hear yourself think.