Pisces 2017 Career Forecast

Pisces 2017 CareerYour Pisces 2017 Career Forecast encompasses the final year of a three-year journey. This period is due to Saturn’s presence in your career sector since December 2014. Also, he’s not due to leave until the 20th December 2017. This results in the most empowering influence in three decades or for another three decades to come.

This is something that happens once and possibly twice in a professional lifetime. Mostly it depends where you were three decades ago and where you’ are in three decades’ time. Either way, it makes this a major professional year for you and one you need to take seriously.

It is not always easy having Saturn, the hard taskmaster of the cosmos on your team and here for three years. As a result, there is no here is nowhere to hide from this scrutiny.

Pisces 2017 Career – magical potential

You can’t stick your head in the sand for three years or procrastinate. At some point along the way you must eventually concede that as you can’t beat Saturn. You must join in and that’s when the magic comes.

Saturn demands more from you than you believe possible, he refuses to let you give u. He won’t let you take short cuts or shirk responsibility. He is the drill sergeant from hell.

Pisces 2017 Career – Saturn’s influence

By the time you move into 2017 you’ve had Saturn on your case for two years. By now, you have a fairly good measure of what his influence is all about. It’s in this final year there is a need to resolve to work with him.

When you start conducting yourself in the way he wants, you find you have the power to move mountains. You achieve the impossible.

What you have in the early months of the year is a chance to rest on your laurels. This is due to a parade of planets that moved through your career sector in late 2016. Especially because of the extraordinary amount of time Mars spent here. Consequently, both you and Saturn need time to simply let things play out.

Saturn’s retrograde phase from the 6th April to the 26th August is his last visit for another three decades. You have a chance to reflect back on all you’ve learned over recent years.
You ensure no stone has been left unturned.

It’s during much of that time that work forces will pick up the slack. There are some surprise developments on the work front. These are going to have big implications on Saturn’s final months in your career sector. Your chances of success on both fronts depend on these work implications.

Pisces 2017 Career – Lunar eclipse

Something unusual is developing on the work front. The first sign of this is a lunar eclipse in your work sector on the 11th February. You always have a Full Moon here at this time each year. However, a lunar eclipse suggests the element of fate is in play. That only happens if the lunar nodes are involved.

Your first clue is that the North Node is drawing close, with its return to your work sector on the 9th May. It’s position here until November 2018 not only brings the element of fate into play, but creates a current. A natural power that naturally moves work matters in the right direction, with a lot less effort.

The North Node’s position also affects an ordinary New Moon in your work sector on the 21st August. It turns the New Moo into a game changing total solar eclipse. An event that has the potential for major new beginnings.

This solar eclipse falls right in the heart of what is a golden period for work opportunities. Future development and growth stretches from the 6th July to the 20th September.

Support to bring Saturn’s massive three-year journey home kicks in on the 5th November. Saturn remains in effect through to January 2018. These months Saturn not only brings everything you’ve been working towards over the previous three years. Also he lays down the foundation for all that transpires over the coming years and decades.