Libra 2017 Forecast Horoscope

Libra 2017 ForecastYour Libra 2017 Forecast is the one year you’ve been waiting over a decade for. You can say this is truly ‘my year’ in a way that you can put into practice and believe.

Lucky Jupiter is in Libra until the 10th October and brings your most fortunate, expansive years in over a decade. This is such an important year, or can be the foundation year for a new 12 year Jupiter expansion cycle.

Beyond that is a sense that you’re finally able to break free from the past. It no longer has a hold on you. However, you are aware of the wonderful teacher the last few years have been.

Rather than challenges, you’re able to look back at the growth you’ve achieved and appreciate in hindsight. You understand that the challenges you experienced have helped to make you all that you are.

Libra 2017 Forecast – income possibilities

With Jupiter in Libra until the 10th October you have permission to spend at least until then finding yourself. You can have fun discovering what you want this next chapter of your life to bring.

Mars returns to Libra on the 22nd October This is just when you finish deciding what you want from the future, there’s an opportunity to start living it.

However, the 10th October does mark Jupiter’s return to your income sector. This is the start of your luckiest and most potentially lucrative income year in over a decade. A year that stretches out all the way to November 2018.

You need to keep this in mind from the outset, especially on the income front. As the professional gods traverse your work and career sectors they line things up for any lucrative developments ahead.

Libra 2017 Forecast – potential breakthrough

The one planet that seems keenly aware of that is Venus. From the very early days of the year she works her magic on the work front. Where work matters may have been challenging over the past few years, 2017 is the year they come into their own and this is evident from the outset.

The Sun moves through your work sector from the 18th February to the 20th March. This is always the focus of work opportunities and developments in any year. Sometimes stretching a week or two – one or either side.

This year however, although still the focus for work developments, it stretches months either side. Unsurprisingly, his leads to considerable income developments later in the year.

You’ll move into the year with Mars already in your work sector and with Venus returning on the 3rd January. Together the ’make January one of the best months for work opportunities and growth in many years. These developments follow the challenges of the past few years, and may lead to some major breakthroughs.

Libra 2017 Forecast – unsurprising

Venus leaves on the 3rd February. 16 days before the Sun returns, Venus retrogrades back in for a return visit. This visit lasts from the 3rd April to the 28th April, to finish what she helped start in January.

Venus is the planet that always has an eye on where the money is as she moves through your two professional houses. She recognizes the huge income potential later in the year. Unsurprisingly she returns to your work sector early in the year and is reluctant to leave.

Venus and Mars regroup in your career sector in the middle months of the year. Mars starts things off from the 4th June to the 20th July and Venus returns to complete things from the 31st July to the 26th August.

By the time Venus leaves Jupiter is just under seven weeks away from your income sector. This makes her the perfect planet to line things up for the income opportunities ahead.

Libra 2017 Forecast – annual review

In a year where balance between your personal and relationship needs are a priority, so too is a need to have the communication lines open, something you need to work towards from the outset.