Libra 2017 Career Forecast

Libra 2017 Career2016 was a fairly challenging year on the work front but your Libra 2017 Career forecast is likely to be underway.

Neptune is in your work sector until 2026 and Chiron until 2019. Consequently, there is continuous planetary activity here all year. This has been the case for several years. The past few years have been particularly tough, with pressure coming from two directions.

Conditions began to ease and pressures dropped right back in October, but it wasn’t until Mars returned to your work sector in December 2016 that things began to turn around. Mars returned in the final 12 days of 2016 and not due to leave until the 28th January.

Libra 2017 Career – great start

This is a great way to begin the year, with work passions, fighting and competitive spirit engaged from the start. In the early days of the year things go from good to better, with Venus’ return on the 3rd January.

This is very early in the year to have Venus in your work sector. This explains what is set to happen over the coming months.

Venus moves through your work sector from the 3rd January to the 3rd February. She spends a month fueling your confidence, desires and expectations as well as attracting opportunities. However, Venus will be long gone before the Sun returns on the 18th February.

The Sun delivers the solar spotlight on your work situation, matters and options. Before this, Venus and Mars fuel your confidence and get the ball rolling. This leaves you with a clear sense of what you’re fighting for.

Libra 2017 Career – advantages

Venus, so far ahead of the Sun that she draws back the 3rd April. She goes retrograde, back into your work sector for a rare double dip visit. This visit opens the doors to the past, second chances and untapped potential through to the 28th April.

By the time Venus eventually leaves, a parade of planets moves through your work sector. They capitalize on both the advantage you began the year with and the challenges faced over recent years.

It’s later that work matters settle into a steady momentum and pace. This is they retained for the rest of the year. Career matters get their chance from the 4th June.

Libra 2017 Career – new surge

Mars’ return to your work sector in December 2016. breathing new life into flagging work forces. This movement set off a chain of events that took until late April to play out. The warrior planet of the cosmos does the same on the career front.

However, unlike your work sector, Mars will return to your career sector on the 4th June to find no planetary activity here and none since mid-2016 and until leaving on the 20th July he’ll have a fresh slate to work from, fueling your professional passions, fighting and competitive spirit and giving career matters some real traction.

This opens the door to a parade of planets that will keep your career sector active through to the 26th August, not only creating some of the most opportune and expansive months of your professional year, but providing a valuable stepping stone for your luckiest and most potentially lucrative income year in over a decade, which begins on the 10th October.