Leo 2017 Money Forecast

Leo 2017 MoneyYour Leo 2017 Money forecast brings a much improved outlook, especially on the income front. You can forget the financial tension and pressures of the past few years.

Jupiter visited your income sector, from August 2015 to September 2016. This year long visit was meant to be luckiest and most potentially lucrative income year in over a decade. However, a stalemate situation, over a clash between financial forces and outside financial pressures took place. Unfortunately, at times it looked like you had very little luck on your side.

At this time, you invested in a huge amount of untapped potential, potential that is still available. With the obstacles gone you need to wait for events to be to activated, especially on the professional front.

Firstly, you must know from the outset that it is safe to continue your financial activities. These events are likely to be triggered in the early weeks of the year. Most especially in January. The Sun shines the solar spotlight on your work sector, work situation, matters and options in these early weeks.

Leo 2017 Money – spirits lifted

The professional gods come together to create a new professional push. There is potential for new professional opportunities and growth. This potential runs from the 10th March to the 5th July. It’s during this period that you latch onto any untapped income potential.

You have a chance to get entirely on top of financial and money matters. As you move into the year your financial passions and fighting spirit are lifted. You are determined to turn challenges into opportunities.

You start the year with Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos in your financial sector. Venus returns on the 3rd January. It won’t be long before your financial passions, desires and expectations come together. Your financial confidence is high. Consequently, this is a financial year that you’re in control of from the outset.

Leo 2017 Money – new beginnings

You enjoy improved financial conditions right through to the 28th April. There are none of the challenges or financial tensions of the last two years. February is the month when everything is likely to come together.

There is a Solar Eclipse in your financial sector on the 26th February. There brings an opportunity for major new beginnings. Also, a chance to commit to new financial goals, plans and strategies. In fact, anything that puts you back in control, you commit to.

During the first half of the year he professional gods create the framework for income opportunities to flourish. The money gods turn their focus onto income matters on the 25th July. This begins the most potentially lucrative months of 2017. These events run through to the 22nd October.

Leo 2017 Money – annual review

During this time there’s a period that is especially lucrative. This period runs from the 5th September to the 22 October and you break through barriers. The main opportunity occurs in between the 20th September to the 14th October.

There is an ongoing need to maintain a balance between money coming in and money going out. The money gods stop monitoring this from early May.