Leo 2017 Love Forecast

Leo 2017 LoveRomantic or relationship developments for your Leo 2017 Love Forecast both get their chance.

November and December are normally the most romantically charged months of any year for Leos. Also, January and February are the most important months for relationship matters.

However, in 2017, this is when there is a lot more focus on each. The love and relationship gods are likely to be fairly active. This may not be the case all year but it is for the majority of the year. An important year on both relationship and romance fronts.

Since Saturn returned to your romantic sector in December 2014 there has been a need to take matters of the heart seriously and this remains the case until he leaves on the 20th December 2017.

Leo 2017 Love – take responsibility

Unlike the other planets that move through your romantic sector Saturn hands nothing to you on a plate and instead asks that you take responsibility. This is something you’ve already spent over two years working towards.

A parade of planets imparted their influence in the later months of 2016. As a result, you move into the New Year with a fresh sense of confidence. Saturn’s three-year visit ends in December. This leaves you all you need to make some firm and confident romantic resolutions.

For the majority of the year Saturn will be on his own and knows he won’t return for another three decades. The focus is on knowing what you’re working towards. You lowly go about the business of making it happen.

Saturn is on his own until Mercury returns on the 5th November. Much of what is set to transpire develops in the final two months of the year. This makes matters of the heart more about the journey.

There is a Full Moon in your romantic sector on the 9th July. Venus travels through Leo from the 26th August to the 20th September. This signals some of the romantic highlights of the year.

The early months of any year are always when the spotlight is on your relationships.

This is especially true during the Sun’s visit from the 19th January to the 18th February. You start the year with Venus, planet of love and guardian of your relationships already on board. As a result, you’ have a clear sense of what you want from your relationships from the get go.

Leo 2017 Love – exceptional times

Venus leaves your relationship sector on the 3rd January she won’t return until 2018. She spends less than 72 hours of 2017 here. Venus demands that you listen to your heart from the get go.

The Sun leaves on the 18th February. Mercury, planet of communication only here from the 7th February to the 25th February. These events do not actually take the relationship gods out of the game for the rest of the year. Most years that would be the case, except this isn’t most years.

On the 9th May a subtle shift takes place. This sees the Lunar Nodes shift to a position where the element of fate and destiny will come into play.

Not as obvious as a planetary influence except for during the eclipses this will trigger. This is more a current that gives your relationships a sense of direction.

Lucky Jupiter in your communication sector until the 10th October. Your relationships also have the support of the communication gods for the majority of the year. Especially during a Lunar Eclipse in your relationship sector on the 7th August.

Romantic forces are a lot more dominant and obvious, from early May onwards. Important events edge your relationships in a more authentic direction.