Leo 2017 Career Forecast

Leo 2017 CareerWhile 2017 isn’t a game changing professional year for Leo 2017 Career. There are no major developments on either the work or career fronts. At least not until the very final days of the year. what you have is an extremely good year on both fronts.

The Sun always begins and ends each year in your work sector. It is the norm to have the solar spotlight on your work situation. Especially matters and options in the early weeks of the year.

The Sun leaves your work sector on the 19th January. It’s more likely you feel like wrapping things up rather than kicking off anything new.

The planetary activity that gets your new working year off the ground has taken place. Even the New Moon that gets things moving occurred in the final stage of 2016.

Venus and Mars both left late last year. This gives you a sense of what you want and of what you’re fighting for from the get go.

Leo 2017 Career – chance to regroup

Pluto is in your work sector from 2008 to 2026. The professional gods have a man on the job 365 days of each year. Consequently, it’s in the early and later weeks of each year that there is a chance to regroup. You take a look at what you want to accomplish in this new professional year.

The Sun will leave your work sector on the 19th January but Mercury will stay on until the 7th February, giving you time to tie up loose ends, work on your game plan and get your head in the game.

After that Pluto will keep the wheels turning all year. This is the case until the faster moving planets return at the end of the year. In doing so, they start the whole process again, except this year they’ll bring Saturn with them. Saturn starts his first visit to your work sector in three decades on the 20th December.

Not due to leave until December 2020, Saturn’s influence in the closing days of this professional year will be minimal. However, his influence on the coming years will be huge.

In the meantime, while Mercury will wrap up an active push on the work front on the 7th February. The Sun doesn’t return to your career sector until April. Consequently, this year there will be no lull between the two. Instead, there is a cross over.

The dwarf planet, Ceres’ return to your career sector on the 5th February. This occurs just two days before Mercury’s departure from your work sector. This create a cross over period. s Things ease back on the work front they take off on the career front.

Leo 2017 Career – real momentum

The real momentum won’t come until Mars returns to your career sector on the 10th March. Until he leaves on the 21st April he fuels your professional passions, fighting and competitive spirit. You create some real leverage. You have a chance from early February to start looking more closely at what you’re fighting for.

In a year where work matters get a push in the early weeks and later days. The main focus is more on keeping the wheels turning. Much of the yea, there is opportunity for some major career developments between the 10th March and the 5th July.

During that time the professional gods throw everything they have into helping you. You gain as much career and professional traction as possible. Especially if there is going to be a career change or breakthrough, this is when it’s likely to happen.