Gemini 2017 Love Forecast

Gemini 2017 LoveFrom the get go there is a need to be aware of two things in regards to your Gemini 2017 Love Forecast.

Firstly, that 2017 is your luckiest year for love, matters of the heart and all things romantic in over a decade. The second is that even the most favourable of circumstances are no advantage if you don’t avail yourself of them.

In short, this might be your luckiest year for love in over a decade, but if you don’t take advantage of this, then it is an opportunity lost.

Fortunately, you have all but the final weeks of 2017 to avail yourself of all that the love gods have on offer. Leaning there is no urgency and at any point in the journey you can decide to take the plunge. However, why not do that from the get go?

Gemini 2017 Love – second chances

Lucky Jupiter does not leave your romantic sector until the 10th October. This gives you plenty of time to take advantage of all that is on offer. In the early months of the year the focus is more on second chances and making up for lost time. Jupiter returned to your romantic sector in September 2016. So, you’ve had several months to adjust to this before you even move into the New Year.

Jupiter’s retrograde turn on the 6th February brings a chance to look back. In hindsight, you appreciate where the love gods have been working to help you out.

In retrograde motion until the 9th June this is when the doors to the past and second chances are held open. Mostly, in effect a sense of romantic nostalgia. This is a chance for the love gods to take your heart on a trip. An extended nostalgic trip down love’s memory lane.

Gemini 2017 Love – romantically charged

It is during that time that a Full Moon on the 11th April brings an element of fate into play. A Lover’s Moon is the perfect opportunity to break through old barriers. Potentially, it triggers anything Jupiter’s retrograde phase creates the potential for.

Venus, planet of love normally moves through Gemini during your birthday month. She normally turns your heart’s focus onto the future. The fact that she’ll be late returning is just another sign that luck is on your side.

By the time Venus eventually returns to Gemini on the 5th July Jupiter will be back in direct motion. Toy gear up for the most romantically charged months of 2017. Months that run from the 22nd September through to the 9th December.

In one form or another, the love gods use all but the final weeks of the year as their playground.

Gemini 2017 Love – taking responsibility

However, the love gods have some competition. Not just from life in general, with 2017 an important and potentially challenging relationship year.

In contrast to the romantic opportunities the love gods offer, Saturn’s position in your relationship sector until the 20th December. This is all about taking responsibility, dealing with relationship issues and in general ‘showing up’.

Saturn returned to your relationship sector in December 2014 to begin a three-year relationship boot camp. So you are no stranger to Saturn. He is the hard taskmaster of the cosmos. The demands he makes, you are probably aware of how this is working to your advantage.

It is in November and December that the relationship gods will come together to make Saturn’s final weeks’ count. He brings all that you have learned over the previous three years to a point. This is where you’re able to use this to create the foundation for a real, authentic and enduring relationship.

Whether single, in a relationship or between relationships Saturn will work tirelessly throughout 2017. He ensures you know what you want from your relationships. Also, what they need from you. Most of all that you’re putting this into practice.

The difference between the love and relationship gods is the love gods are here to offer and attract romantic opportunities, while Saturn is showing you what’s required but is asking that you put in the work and effort to make the relationship happen.